New Years Deals! Windows 10, 11 and Office licenses from 11 euros

New year, new life, the saying goes, isn’t it time you stopped using that unlicensed Windows and Office? You will save yourself problems, you will be able to enjoy updates and, in addition, it costs much less than you think if you take advantage of some of the offers that have pages like Keysbuff.

Whether you want to continue using Windows 10 or if you already want to make the leap to Windows 11 or to have a license for always of the versions of Office that we indicate, with the HDZ code you will have a 30% off immediate at the time of purchase.

Windows 10 and 11 with lifetime license

We start with the offers of Windows, both for the most modern version and for the previous one, where you can also choose between the one intended for professionals and the one designed for home users and get a license that will be active forever. In this case, the price starts from 11 euros and by accessing the following links you can find these discounts (with the aforementioned code):

Office at the best price and forever

An operating system is nothing without its applications, and the one we all use the most now that we telecommute is the Office suite with Word, Excel and PowerPoint. And since it is a work tool, it is best not to complicate things and have an official license that will not give us problems and, if possible, forever. From 23 euros, you can get one from the following links:

And how about a pack that takes everything and with even more discount?

For all those who lack both, in Keysbuff they also have a solution through some interesting packs that unite the licenses of both the Microsoft operating system and its suite of office applications. One single purchase, 2 lifetime licenses and our problems solved at the best price. You can take advantage of the offers they have for the new year in this regard in any of these links:

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