New Year’s Sale 2023: buy Windows 10 and Office from €6.12!

To celebrate the New Year, the sales site Godeal24 offers you incredible low prices on many Microsoft software such as Windows and Office. Discover all the offers in this article.


Software is constantly evolving and developers improve performance and functionality through updates. This gives users a better experience and can increase their productivity. The only problem: updating your computer to take advantage of all these advantages can be expensive, especially when it comes to high-end products like Microsoft Office or the Windows operating system, both of which are used by millions of people in the world for their leisure and work.

Thanks to New Year’s sale at Godeal24, you can get amazing prices on software like Windows OS and Microsoft Office. Every purchase made on the site is 100% secure and all activation keys are genuine and delivered directly to your inbox. Also, the site offers dedicated support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you in the event of a problem.

The most widely used Windows 10 Pro operating system is just $7.25. And if you buy a pack of 2 Windows 10 Pro licenses, the software costs you only €6.12/PC. So you can save even more money and treat yourself for the New Year! You can also enjoy the latest version of Office 2021 Pro for only €24.25. If you buy several licenses in a pack, you can even bring the price down to 13.05€/PC. At Godeal24 you only benefit from genuine licenses.

Discover all the Godeal24 offers for the New Year

Among all Microsoft Office offers, we find Office 2021 from € 13.05:

You can also take advantage of low-cost Windows licenses, such as Windows 10 Pro at €6.12, and many others:

Godeal24 also offers Ashampoo software:

The site also offers Microsoft Office licenses for Mac:

With the code SGO62, you can also take advantage of -62% on the following Microsoft Office + Windows offers:

Also, with the code SGO50, you benefit from -50% reduction on the following Windows products:

Godeal24 also offers even more computer tools at the best price, such as:

Godeal24 is a reseller of Microsoft licenses and major computer security software allowing you to buy Windows and Microsoft Office operating system at discount prices, as well as useful computer tools such as IOBIT series, Ashampoo software, Disk Drill and many more etc Discounts are up to -90% and all licenses are 100% original and genuine. Godeal24 knows the history of each license it sells and users can use them without any problem. For this reason, the licenses that can be purchased on Godeal24 are “lifetime”, i.e. they can be used without restriction: the operating system will be updated and supported by Microsoft for as long as its lifespan.

You can rely on Godeal24 without any problem, proof of this is with the reviews on Trustpilot. 98% of customers find their experience “excellent” with Godeal24. It’s hard to say no to the site when it offers prices up to 90% lower than the official store. Delivery is faster and directly by email. Godeal24 Customer Service is also a major advantage with 24/7 after-sales service by email via the address “[email protected]”.

This article is a sponsored post offered by Godeal24.

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