Newborn baby is abandoned in a sewer and rescued thanks to the meowing of cats

The case of a abandoned baby has gone around the world, as authorities achieved rescue her after some stray cats They started a great uproar where the minor was, all to alert the neighbors.

The events occurred in Bombay, India, last November 15 and authorities reported that the baby was thrown down the drain wrapped in a white sheet.

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The stray cats began to purr and meow very strong to attract the attention of the neighbors, who, realizing the danger in which the baby was in, called the authorities and took her out of the sewer.

Baby for adoption

The police reported that when the minor was taken out of the sewer she was dwelling of arms and legs, because he was about to die drowned if not for the noise of the cats around him.

Authorities requested Hot water and rags to the neighbors to clean the baby, then she was transferred to a hospital where the doctors reported that their health status is stable.

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It was reported that the newborn baby would be given in adoption Once his health improved, authorities did not rule out that it was abandonment, although the investigation is still being carried out, which would be complicated because there is no more evidence to find those responsible.

They added, according to the BBC, that everything points to a case of abandonment which are common in that country due to the discrimination and violence suffered by women, in addition to the fact that girls are considered a financial burden.


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