News: Install This Edge Update, Spectrum’s Father Dies, And More

The worst part of all this is that while these companies fight against the threats that can reach their customers, cyber criminals do the same. This means that both sides go hand in hand, some with new and more powerful attacks, others to put solutions to them. In addition, no one is spared here, not the large corporations or the end users who are at home.

Companies that have had the most vulnerabilities this year

As it is easy to imagine and it is logical to think, the most important companies related to technology are usually the ones that vulnerabilities accumulate over time. Despite all their efforts to alleviate this important issue, year after year they accumulate a good amount of these security flaws. At the same time, the attackers are the ones who are most attentive to exploiting them in order to access the data and equipment of the end users.

We tell you all this because if we stick to the current year 2021, the company that has stored the most vulnerabilities so far, the month of September, is Google. In fact, the search giant accumulates 547 vulnerabilities throughout the first half. Next, the second highest number of these failures in Microsoft with 432. Likewise, in this list we also find Oracle which recorded 316 total vulnerabilities in the first six months of 2021.

For security, update Edge as soon as possible

The stable version of Microsoft Edge has been updated to version 93.0.961.52 with a major security fix. This update fixes a serious security issue that was currently being exploited. In turn, eight other lower-category vulnerabilities are also corrected. Microsoft has not released the exact details of the exploit, but its severity is high, so we should install it as soon as possible.

It is worth mentioning that this has been an update that has been sent by Microsoft suddenly, but more than anything because of the severity of the vulnerability that patches.

The father of the mythical Spectrum dies

Just a few hours ago, the death of a figure that is undoubtedly considered one of the most representative of technology was announced. Specifically, we refer to Clive Sinclair, who launched the Spectrum ZX-81 back in 1981. Surely many of you, especially the most veteran, remember this computer with great fondness. In fact, it was a huge technological revolution at the time.

What’s more, in one way or another today there are many users who continue to use their old Spectrum, either real or emulated. That is why the death of Clive sinclair it has been remembered by many throughout these last hours. Keep in mind that this successful ZX-81 It was the first computer really aimed at the home and families, it could be considered as the father of the current PC.

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