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The most striking and surely the most functional novelty that you will find in iPadOS 16 is the new visual organizeralso popularly called as Stage Manager. With this you will have available a new way of being able to organize all the windows and applications that you have open. Apple’s goal with this new feature is to give all iPad users the chance to work simultaneously with multiple apps and windows in a much easier, more comfortable and intuitive way. Thus making the iPad a much more usable team in productivity tasks. This will be possible thanks to the fact that with Stage Manager users will be able to overlap different windows, as well as group them into different groups to be able to work in the best possible and personalized way depending on each user.

This function initially it was going to be only available for iPads with M1 chip or laterhowever, during its development, the Cupertino company rectified it and made it also compatible with other models, something that of course all users of models prior to the M1 and M2 celebrate. However, and also in relation to this new Visual Organizer you have to know that only iPads that have an M1 or M2 chip will be able to take full advantage of it with other external screens, this being another of the great novelties. With iPadOS 16, iPads that have the M1 and M2 chip will be able to use external monitors together with the new Visual Organizer, so they can simultaneously have up to 8 windows, 4 on the iPad and another four on the monitor.

Collaborative work, enhanced in iPadOS 16

One of the functions that Apple has wanted to promote with iPadOS is collaborative work, and of course a good example of this is the number of functions that it has introduced in different applications to give users all the facilities to work as a team with other users. from iPad.

To promote this collaborative work, one of the most powerful apps is Messages. Later we will talk about the specific news regarding messaging, now we are going with the options to collaborate in different ways, since through this app all users will be able to manage and share content from apps such as Files, Keynote, Numbers, Pages, Notes , Reminders and even Safari, not to mention third-party apps that also want to join this long list. For this, only one of the users will have to send an invitation to collaborate and all those who accept will be able to start working on said document.

free form

Not content with this, Apple has also created free form, which can be called a real-time collaboration space where users have a kind of blank canvas where they can start annotating and creating. This canvas has a free format, so you can really do anything within it, obviously being fully compatible with the Apple Pencil. In Freeform, all the users who participate can see in real time the different annotations or modifications that the rest are making, as well as being the ones who carry out other types of tasks.

We are now going to talk about a very important app within the iPad, such as Safari. With the previous operating systems, not only the iPad, but also the iPhone and the Mac, Apple introduced the Tab Groups, well, now those from Cupertino have given it one more twist, since they have launched the Collaborative tab groups. In this way, all users are allowed to collaborate in a series of tabs and see the updates of each and every one of them in real time.

News in Native apps

Once you know what’s new in terms of the new way of seeing open tabs and apps, as well as the new ways to get to work as a team in a better way thanks to the iPad, it’s time to also tell you about everything new that it brings iPadOS 16 for native Apple apps. So sit down and take good note that this is going to be long.


Apart from the novelties that we have mentioned and that greatly enhance collaborative work, the messaging application also has a series of functions that improve it as a messaging application. These new features are the same that you can find in both iOS 16 and macOS Ventura. We detail them below.

  • Edit already sent messages.
  • Cancel sending messages.
  • Mark messages as unread.

Messages Icon


The native email application was another of Apple’s pending issues, both on the iPad and on the iPhone or on the Mac. Well, those from Cupertino seem to have listened to users and have introduced improvements to the application in a continuous way. Now, finally, Mail can be considered a serious alternative to being the main email manager for many users. The improvements that have been introduced are the following.

  • You may cancel the shipment of an email for a certain time.
  • You may schedule emails emails so that they reach the recipient at the desired time.
  • You may postpone post so that they reappear at the time the user chooses.
  • When writing an email the app itself will detect if you have forgotten to include an attached file thanks to its content.
  • Contains a new seeker more powerful and precise.


The photos application is one of the most used on both the iPhone and the iPad, which is why Apple wanted enhance image sharingwith the rest of the Apple family. In the App itself there have not been many visual changes, since Cupertino has focused much more on the functional ones.

In the same way as in iOS 16, users will now be able to edit a photo and copy those editing parameters to apply them to others, that is, the batch edit It is already available natively on iPadOS. This function is something very characteristic of professional editing applications, and of course it is really useful to edit a large number of photographs much more quickly.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

However, the biggest novelty is, as we have mentioned before, in the possibility of sharing images with the members of your family. Apple has created the famous iCloud Shared Photo Library, which is a new way to share your photos. From now on you can forget about having to select them and send them through AirDrop or any other method, since you will only have to click on Share in Family with the rest of the members, and they will automatically have these images available. In addition, you have to take into account that the original file is shared, so that any modification that occurs will affect all the members of the family.


Previously we have already told you about one of the novelties that Safari brings with iPadOS 16, which are the shared tab groupsHowever, that is not the only thing that this new operating system releases, since together with iOS 16 and macOS Ventura, Apple introduces access keys, to make user navigation much safer.

tab groups

With these access keys, Apple wants users to say goodbye to passwords and the risks that they entail. This new identification method is saved on the device itself and is exclusive to the websites for which they are created, so that when they are saved on the device itself, they cannot be hacked, avoiding all the risks and possible problems that this can cause. to users.

The premiere of the Weather app

On the iPad there have always been two applications that users have missed since they are present on the iPhone, they are Time and Calculator, well, the first one does its premiere on the iPad thanks to iPadOS 16. The weather application that all users know thanks to the iPhone can now also be used on the iPad, with all that this entails.

In it you can make the same functions that until now could be carried out in the iOS version, so all the relevant weather information will also be available on the iPad, you can explore the precipitation maps, check the air quality or the temperature. In addition, users will also be able to receive notifications if there is an important alert in the area.

Other news

In addition to everything new that iPadOS brings in the collaborative work section and within the most important native applications, there are also other improvements, perhaps less important, but that also add up to make this new operating system more attractive if possible and give users users more reasons to install it as soon as possible. They are the following.

  • With iPadOS 15 came the Live Text Recognition that at the moment could only be carried out through photographs, well, now it is also extended to video with iPadOS 16.
  • Dictation It has also evolved, since now it can be used simultaneously with the keyboard of the device itself, something that will make life much easier for some users.
  • The home app It has undergone a complete redesign, being now much more organized and, above all and more importantly, much more intuitive and friendly, making navigation through it possible to carry out in a better way.
  • The desktop applications now they will have many more features than before and will be more optimized for the iPad screen. From system elements and interactions, to other new features that were already available in macOS, but now also come to iPad.
  • Handoff comes to FaceTime allowing users to start the call on one device and continue it whenever they want on another.

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