News: Microsoft on Online Commerce, Twitter Against Fake Tweets, and More

And in this case we name the developer of products of the importance of Windows or the Office office suite, because in some countries it is even helping small food stores.

Microsoft with small businesses and online sales

Due to the historical epoch that we are living by the pandemic that plagues us, among the many harmed, we do not find small businesses. And it is that online purchases of all kinds have exploded over the last few months, it also seems that many users have planned to continue shopping like this in the future.

That is why small traders have had to adapt as much as possible in order to survive. All this thanks to the technology offered by StrongPoint, smart technology to achieve efficiency between the physical store and online commerce. This solution enables small businesses to manage their customers’ internet orders more efficiently. But none of this would be possible without the support and service of Microsoft Cloud.

To give you an idea, using the Microsoft Azure cloud, you get a highly available database service and response times of one millisecond. In this way StrongPoint is able to provide small stores with the tools and reports to double or triple their online ordering capacity.

Twitter fights fake news

On the other hand, we also want to tell you something very interesting about one of the most used social networks in the world, Twitter. In fact, right now, in an attempt to reduce misinformation on the platform, the social network Bluebird is testing a new option. Specifically, it allows users to mark certain tweets as misleading so that they can be reviewed.

And is that social networks have become synonymous with misinformation, so to help combat it, Twitter is testing this new option that allows users to report tweets as misleading.

twitter hoaxes

There is no doubt that this movement will be greatly appreciated by the majority of the platform’s users and thus make the information published here more reliable.

Edge continues to work on improving the use of your tabs

In addition, here we also want to talk about another new function because it is in full testing period by Microsoft for its Edge browser. Although it is not yet known if this will reach the final versions of the program, some have been able to test a new search engine for these elements first hand. At the beginning of this we can access by right-clicking on the section of the vertical tabs, but as we say it is not yet running, only in some of the preliminary versions of the application.

search for tabs

With this, what is intended is that users can access their open content in Edge much more quickly and efficiently. The use of tabs does not stop growing and the efficiency in its use improves the experience when browsing the Internet.

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