News: MSN Messenger anniversary, Gears of War motorcycle and shows

MSN Messenger turns 22, do you remember?

Long before WhatsApp, Facebook or Teams chat, there were many other ways to communicate over the Internet. But the one that most revolutionized these communications was, of course, MSN Messenger. We still remember with nostalgia leaving class, connecting our computer to the basic 56 kbps telephone network (the lucky ones still had a 256 kbps ADSL) and logging into “the messenger” to talk with our friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

MSN Messenger, later known as Windows Live Messenger, first saw the light of day on July 22, 1999. This service lived on for more than 14 years. However, it did not know how to adapt to new technologies, specifically to the era of smartphones, and in the end it was WhatsApp who ended up inheriting its throne. If Microsoft had entered the smartphone market earlier with Messenger, WhatsApp probably wouldn’t even have come into existence.

In a desperate attempt, Microsoft merged Messenger with Skype in late 2013, and since then the buzzes have remained a mere empty echo. A giant disappeared, although it will not die as long as we remember it.

Windows Live Messenger

Gears of War motorcycle arrives in the Microsoft Archives

Gears of War is one of the most representative sagas of Xbox, along with Halo. For this reason, the company has exploited to the maximum everything that could be exploited within these franchises, especially at the beginning of their life cycle. 10 years ago, Microsoft surprised everyone at Comic Con with a tricilo bike in the purest Gears of War: Trike style.

After 10 years, Microsoft has finally decided to send home this beauty, which already rests within the Microsoft Archives along with many other accessories from other mythical games.

New versions of programs

But not everything is nostalgia. Many programs continue to evolve and improve little by little, offering users the best way to get the most out of technology. Today, the programs we have to update are:

  • RoboForm– If you are tired of filling out registration forms, this program is for you. With one click, this tool can fill in all our data in any web form, saving us a lot of time and allowing us to forget about this process. The new version 9.1.7 of this program improves CPU usage, fixes some bugs and improves the security and usability of its functions. We can download this program from its website.
  • Advanced Renamer: complete program to rename many files or folders at the same time, in one go. The new version 3.88.1 of this program adds the possibility of creating tags and support for names and paths of more than 260 characters, improves the Spanish translation and corrects several minor errors detected in the program. We can get it down from here.
  • Ocenaudio: a free and very easy to use audio editor, a great alternative to Audacity. The new version 3.10.10 of the tool fixes several problems detected in the tool and, in addition, fixes the annoying error in noise reduction. We can download the new version from here.
  • WinSCP: complete SFTP, FTP, WebDAV and SCP client for Windows, totally free and open source. The new version 5.19.2 of the same improves the translations, improves the generation of SSH keys and corrects several bugs and problems detected in the program. The new version is available on their website.

In addition, we remember that today the support for Ubuntu 20.10 ends, so, if you are still using it, you should update as soon as possible to 21.04 so as not to be in danger.

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