News of the day: the evolution of Windows, a troll in Windows 11 and new updates

How Windows would have evolved if it were a tool

Each version of Windows has been an evolution for the operating system. From the first versions of the system, very rudimentary, until the arrival of the new Windows 11, literally everything has changed. And it is normal, since the technology has been changing, its needs also, and, therefore, it has been necessary to adapt it with each version.

Windows Evolution Tool

If Windows were a tool, it would have started out like a rock, gradually becoming a hammer for the arrival of Windows XP. From there, the thing twisted, turning into a strange hammer with Vista. Windows 7 recovered its usefulness, although from there it was in the doldrums. Windows 10 began to become a strange tool, focused, above all, on espionage. And Windows 10 takes spying to a new level.

Curious meme, although the truth is that its resemblance to reality terrifies us.

A Windows 10 troll hidden in Windows 11

From day one we have said that Windows 11 is a version of Windows 10 that has gone through sheet metal and paint. Although there are more and more different (aesthetic, at least) between both operating systems, Microsoft forgets to erase the traces of its predecessor. Thus, for example, if we enter the Windows 11 screen savers we can find that the 3D Text protector is the same as Windows 10. They have not bothered to change the text.

Screen protector Windows 10 Windows 11

Of course, it is not a critical problem that prevents us from using the operating system. Just one more curiosity, and one more proof that Windows 11 is a makeup 10.

Programs to update

Several developers have also used the last hours to launch new versions of their programs. The most relevant, which we must install as soon as we have the opportunity, are:

  • WinSCP: a popular FTP client, very complete and versatile, that has a very organized and simple interface that allows us to connect to FTP, SFTP WebDAV and SCP servers. The new version 5.19.1 improves translations, importing connections from FileZilla, and increases the number of ports for secondary connections. It also fixes various bugs and problems. We can download the new version from here.
  • HiBit Uninstaller– a program to uninstall all kinds of programs without leaving a trace on the PC. Its developers did not want to wait any longer and the new version 2.6.15 has updated the languages, improved the detection of residual files on the PC and, in addition, it is now compatible with Windows 11. We can download this program from its website.
  • Shotcut– A complete free and open source video editor for Windows, Linux and macOS. The new version 21.6.29 comes packed with changes and fixes throughout the program. We can download it for free from here.
  • Winaero Tweaker: if what you are looking for is to be able to configure even the smallest detail of Windows, this program cannot be missing from your PC. The new version 1.20 is prepared for version 21H1 of Windows 10, in addition to improving some of the program’s functions and correcting errors. We can download this new version from this link.

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