News: surprise on PowerToys, Edge is more secure, and other updates

Surely many of you will still remember the beginnings of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows, and its many ups and downs in terms of performance and stability. In his day the PowerToys to cover certain functionalities and needs of this, something that Microsoft took up for Windows 10.

These are useful little software tools developed by the Redmond company itself. All of them come together in the so-called PowerToys and little by little they are receiving new applications in order to increase the functionality of the operating system itself. In this way, once we have them installed on the PC, we will have some interesting functions that we cannot find natively in Windows.

Highlight the program you want with this PowerToys

We tell you all this because in the last hours the firm has decided to launch a new functionality for this set of tools. This new functionality that we are talking about is the so-called Always on Top. It can be made effective or applied to Windows applications and in reality what it does is fix the window of that application so that it remains always on top of the desk. Keep in mind that even when the focus changes to another window, this program will be kept in view.

Keep in mind that, in order to activate this new function, we will have to use the combination of keys Win + Ctrl + T. At the same time we can customize the visual outline of the anchored window or deactivate Always on top when we are Playing.

Improve your security thanks to Edge 97

Among the many Internet browsers that we can use at the moment, the Microsoft Edge proposal is one that does not stop growing. This is a Microsoft project in which the firm is betting a lot to try to compete with the almighty Google Chrome. It achieves this with innovative functions that come to us through the usual updates. This is the case of the new version of the program that is being distributed over the last few hours, we refer to the new Edge 97.

edge 97

This is a version of the application that can be considered minor in terms of the new functions that it offers us. However, it focuses on providing us with greater security when we move around the network. Thus the new version includes all security patches of the Chromium project and five Edge specific updates. To all this we add that the mode Automatic HTTPS It already reaches all the installations of the stable version.

Must-have updates of the week

Keep all our software updated can be key when working with a more secure computer. Precisely for this reason, below we will talk about the latest updates that have been sent for some of the most used programs.

  • Balabolka here we find a software that digitizes and converts our voice to text with a multitude of additional functions. In its latest update, some errors detected were corrected and the understanding of certain languages ​​such as German was improved.
  • LibreOffice 7.2.5– The popular open source office suite also receives regular updates as is the case. Now the new version of this has just been released with bug fixes for its different programs, compatibility improvements and some new minor functions.
  • PDF24 Creator 10.7.1: when working with files in PDF format we can use a multitude of solutions. The new update fixes several detected errors, optimizes the user interface to make it more intuitive and new security functions are added.
  • Hibit Uninstaller 2.7.30: in this case we are talking about a powerful uninstaller to keep our Windows system more optimized. The new version adds some functions related to the detection of corrupted applications, corrections in the contextual menu and a more optimized search engine.

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