News: the first “Bug” birthday, get these free games, and more

As often happens in so many aspects of our lives, both failures and successes are almost equally important to keep moving forward. Leaving philosophy somewhere and if we focus on the world of technologyToday we have a curious birthday to celebrate.

The first “Bug” in history has a birthday

We are going to go back to the year 1947 when computers were in full birth and had a size that has nothing to do with current PCs. One of the pioneers of technology in this field as was the Mark II computer, a supercomputer located at Harvard, suddenly began to fail. As it happens today, the corresponding specialists had to get down to work to try to locate the error.

When, after a multitude of analyzes and tests, they discovered that the culprit all this was a three-centimeter moth that they found inside the supercomputer. This fact was reported on September 9 of that year by the well-known Grace murray hopper as a “Bug”, whose literal translation at the time was none other than Bug. This is a term that has accompanied us over time and that now is related to the errors that we find in the world of technology. In fact, Grace Hopper was later regarded as the mother of computer programming and created the COBOL.

Microsoft starts its Windows 11 promotion campaign

But now we do have a few years later, specifically today, a few weeks after Windows 11 is available to everyone. Despite the controversy that it is generating among many users due to the minimum requirements, many others are waiting for its arrival. Thanks to the tests that have been carried out by insiders in recent weeks, we already know a part of the novelties of the system.

In fact, less than a month after the launch, the software giant has already started its marketing campaign to promote the new system. If you want to see the promotional video, we leave it below:

Get these free games right now

Everyone likes gifts, whatever they are, and in the world of software it was not going to be less. For this reason, below we are going to tell you how to get two PC games for free. To do this, at first you only have to have an account in the Epic Store, an account that you can create at no cost.

I know this way with the simple fact of being a subscriber to the official Epic Games store, at this time you can get the titles Nioh: The Complete Edition and Sheltered.

free games

These two titles will automatically be available in your library Epic store staff for when you want to install them in the future.

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