News VOD 04/23: ‘Agencia Lock’, teenage ghostbusters

VOD News brings you the best new releases of the week on Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+… And this week’s hodgepodge is top notch, with several first-run movies, series, and more. So we give way to the scoundrelwho also have the right and Lockwood Agency It is preceded by its good reviews. But there is everything, huh?

We begin the review one more week with what Netflix brings, which is a little less than usual, but nothing happens either. It is giving something to talk about, in addition to the couple of contents that we highlight, the Spanish series the snow girl. That being said, let’s go quickly because there is a lot of fabric to cut.

As a highlight of this edition of VOD News we have Lock Agencya youth series that is basically a rehash of Harry Potter with Ghostbusters and four other very typical things, but that is liking it, that the ending is what matters.

For the second course, first of more adult cut we have people like youa romantic comedy from Kenya Barris (The King of Zamunda, Black-ish) with a powerful cast including Eddie Murphy (The Prince of Zamunda, super detective in hollywood), Jonah Hill (The wolf of Wall Street, don’t look up) or David Duchovny (X-files, californication).

More exclusive content:

  • alchemy of souls (T2). “A powerful sorceress inhabiting the body of a blind woman meets an illustrious family man who asks for her help in changing his destiny.”
  • Love with confidence: Poland (T1). “Six couples put their confidence to the test by submitting to an ocular lie detector in this reality show, in which deception is expensive and the truth has a prize.”
  • Attack the titans (T5P1). “With his city in ruins, the young Eren Yeager decides to fight the giant Titans that threaten to destroy the human race.”
  • against the ropes (T1). “After being released from prison, Ángela tries to win back the respect of her wrestling-loving daughter by creating a mysterious character to get into the ring.”
  • Daniel Bewitched, the magic hunter (T2). “A New York teenager makes his living searching for hard-to-find mystical items to sell to wizards. But magic can be a dangerous business.
  • Physical ability: 100 (T1). “One hundred fully fit contestants face off in a series of grueling tests to win the competition and win prize money.”
  • the snow girl (T1). «When little Amaya disappears during the parade of the Three Kings in Malaga, a young journalist goes out of her way to help her parents find her.»
  • family has a price. “Christian De Sica, Angela Finocchiaro, Dharma Mangia Woods and Claudio Colica star in this story about parents who trick their children into visiting them.”
  • narvik. Against the backdrop of the battle that was Hitler’s first defeat, a Norwegian soldier returns home to discover a shocking secret from his wife.
  • Every day the same night (T1). “When a fire kills 242 people in a nightclub, the parents of the victims can only mourn them… and seek justice.”

Enter catalog:

  • 97%: Who controls the money?
  • Kiss her, man! 2
  • the dead don’t die
  • Romantic Road
  • Son of the Mask
  • yesterday

We jump onto the Amazon Prime Video grid, where a few things are also premiering, including one of our favorite movies of 2022.

We start, however, with the hottest premiere of Prime Video for this week: an explosive wedding, the typical romantic action comedy, by whose title you can already imagine what paths it runs. The boyfriends, Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel (Like life itself, Jupiter’s Legacy).

As a second course in the marginsthe directorial debut of Juan Diego Botto, who also writes this very, very Spanish social drama with two outstanding protagonists: Penélope Cruz and Luis Tosar.

More exclusive content.

  • good rivals (T1). “Experience the rise of the United States men’s team through its decades-long rivalry with the Mexico men’s team.”
  • LUPINE III vs. CAT EYES. Hitomi, Rui, and Ai are sisters and cat burglars. A painting is stolen from a museum around the same time that Lupine the 3rd appears to steal another painting himself.

Enter catalog:

  • american visa
  • Croupier
  • The guest
  • the valley of the maori
  • Between reason and madness
  • fast & furious 9
  • sea ​​hawks
  • blood brothers
  • Impossible Retirement
  • Kuroko no basket (T1)
  • Laura has not slept: The short film that inspired the movie “Smile”
  • pod
  • Grid
  • Runner, Runner
  • Salyut-7: Heroes in space
  • xXx: Reactivated

We continue with Apple TV +, but only to make a small therapeutic stop …

And it is that no filter therapy is the new original series on Apple TV+, a comedy starring Jason Segel (how I Met Your Mother, sex tape) in which none other than Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones, Han Solo) participates.

Our next stop is Disney+, where not much is released, but enough to resume and, incidentally, close the circle of outstanding releases with another fantastic series for youngsters: extraordinary, an original production of the platform for those who aspire to the extraordinary, from the ordinary. Another comedy, yes.

More exclusive content:

  • Commander Fort (T1). “Ricardo Fort was an eccentric millionaire who became famous overnight. The series delves into Ricardo’s true personality and reveals the private part of his life that he hid behind fame: family conflicts, contradictions about his sexuality and health problems.»
  • Willow: that’s how the magic was madeForget what you know or think you know. Well, also forget what you think you think you know. Take a look behind the scenes of “Willow”, the new Lucasfilm series, from its young stars and its veteran legends.»

Enter catalog:

  • lawyer for a dollar (T1)
  • Celebrity Ghost Stories (T5)
  • Dangerous Lover (T1)
  • Between the world and me (T1)
  • Mayday: air disasters (T8)
  • My Ghost Story (T1)
  • Lost and found (T1)

Finally, HBO Max premieres four told things, but since it is in full swing of The Last of Us…who cares?

exclusive content:

  • The Basque. «Mikel, after a love break and unemployed, is fed up with his life in the Basque Country. You need a change, so you accept an offer from a distant relative to work in Argentina. However, not even ten thousand kilometers away from home.”
  • YOLO (T2). “The adventures of Sarah and Rachel arrive, two super partying aunts in search of fun, new experiences and a good vibe.”

Enter catalog:

  • the forgotten valley (T1)
  • Tower (T1)

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