News VOD 06/23: ‘The Flash’, the last race of the Arrowverso

VOD news brings you the best new releases of the week on Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+… And, in a week full of minor releases, the oldest one finds its place: the beginning of the end of Flash. But, beware, there are many other things.

HBO Max removes the header of the rebound section, one month after the presentation of The Last of Us. And he does it with a series that is not his, but that he has exclusively in these parts: Flash. That being said, the platform premieres as many exclusive content that may interest you more.

Flash has premiered this week the first chapter of its ninth and final season and with it will end not just a series, but an entire television universe that began more than a decade ago with Arrowwhose farewell was given in 2020, but with which the so-called Arrowverso was born, which Flash will culminate. In fact, at least.

It should be noted that this Arrowverse, with the exception of Flash and maybe from Supergirl, finished in 2021 after its sixth season, collects the adventures of minor superheroes from DC comics with a youthful tone and cheap production that had its moment, but smells a bit. Other works that have already fallen within this franchise are, in addition to those mentioned, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, batwoman or, rebound, Constantine.

It is still on the air, at least for one more season apart from this one, Superman and Loisbut this, even placing itself as part of the Arrowverso, is another roll, different from the one he undertook Arrow and finished off Flash, achieving a popularity that was never achieved again. With Flash We say goodbye to this particular journey.

exclusive content:

  • All That Breathes. “Set against the dark backdrop of New Delhi’s environmental toxicity and civil unrest, this documentary follows two brothers who dedicate their lives to protecting a bird that falls victim to turbulent times: the black kite.”
  • Aqua Teen Forever: Plantsm. “After splitting up with Aqua Teen, they come together again to fight the Maul, led by your favorite tycoon, Neil, and his loyal scientist, Elmer.”
  • Trust me (T1). “There’s something wrong with Jonny. It is that she is not. In short – he is a teenager. Which has always been difficult. But being a teenager with depression today is even more difficult.”
  • Cormoran Strike: Muddy Blood (T3). “Private detective Cormoran Strike and his partner Robin Ellacott return to solve a historic crime that takes them from the London slums to Parliament.”
  • Craig’s World (T4). “Craig’s World follows the adventures of Craig and his two best friends, Kelsey and JP, in the wild woods in his suburb.”
  • The Godfather of Harlem (T3). «Series that recreates the story of the infamous criminal Bumpy Johnson. In the early 1960s, after serving a ten-year prison sentence, Bumpy finds the neighborhood he ruled in chaos.
  • Harley Quinn: A Very Troubled Valentine’s Special. Gotham’s heroes and villains face off against love. To celebrate her first Valentine’s Day, Harley struggles to plan the best and most romantic night for her and Ivy.

Enter catalog:

  • lethal weapon
  • lethal weapon 2
  • lethal weapon 3
  • lethal weapon 4
  • How to kill your boss
  • How to finish without your boss 2

We continue with Netflix, protagonist of disastrous news a week in which, as almost always, it releases disposable garbage, which does not seem the best way to weather the storm that is coming. However, it is worth mentioning the new season of one of his most talked about series, youand the film that we highlight…

getting to the point, your house or mine It is the typical romantic comedy, with which Netflix warms up -although not only with her- in the face of Valentine’s Day that will be celebrated next week. A long-distance, physical and temporary love story, whose greatest claim is being starred by Reese Witherspoon (Legally blonde, Big Little Lies) and Ashton Kutcher (That ’70s Show, Two and a half Men).

More exclusive content:

  • 10 days of a good man. “A lawyer-turned-private detective agrees to investigate a missing person’s case, unaware that the search will change her life forever.”
  • Bill Russell: Legend (T1). “This biographical documentary examines the great legacy left on and off the court by Bill Russell, the NBA’s most decorated champion and civil rights icon.”
  • Stock Exchange (T1). Two women set out to conquer Kuwait’s cutthroat stock market in the 1980s, and blow up its corrupt men’s club in the process. Inspired by real events.”
  • Class (T1). “Three teenagers from a slum start studying at an exclusive high school in Delhi, where rumors and shady secrets end up leading to a murder.”
  • love crash course (T1). “A caring mother faces the competitive world of private education when her daughter tries to enroll in the class of a famous math professor.”
  • love gives a lot of war (T1). “A lawyer who hates losing to men and a famous actor who is wary of women are totally in love…until they have to pretend they’re together.”
  • Love Is Blind (T4). “Nick and Vanessa Lachey present this social experiment where single men and women seek love and become engaged…before meeting in person!”
  • My father, the intergalactic bounty hunter (T1). “A galactic bounty hunter pushes his duties as a father to the limit when his two sons finish him off in outer space and sneak into his mission.”
  • Dear David. “The life of an exemplary student turns upside down when someone filters the blog of erotic fantasies starring the boy she likes and the whole school finds out about her.”
  • you (T4). “A dangerously charming and extremely obsessive young man resorts to unorthodox methods to enter the lives of the people who fascinate him.”

Enter catalog:

  • flush with the sky
  • chromosome 21 (T1)
  • who’s left standing
  • Sleepless Society: Bedtime Wishes (T1)
  • Sleepless Society: Nyctophobia (T1)
  • Snake Eyes. The origin
  • last play

We continue with Disney +, which also premieres a few things exclusively, including various remnants of the UCM, but from which we highlight a series that is not his either.

alaskan daily is the new series by Tom McCarthy (Spot light, matter of blood), a thriller drama starring double-Oscar winner Hilary Swank (Million dollar Baby, matter of blood). As doctor in alaskabut with a journalist and bad vibes in the environment.

More exclusive content:

  • Back to the love market (T1). “Three single women in their early forties feel stuck in a rut. They will leave their comfort zones to enter the Groove hotel, a magical resort.»
  • Stolen Youth: Cult on Campus (T1). “A group of bright female students at Sarah Lawrence Private College fall under the influence of a friend’s father.”
  • Killing County: The Dark Side of the Police (T1). In Bakersfield, in the heart of California, not everything is what it seems. A deadly shooting at a hotel causes the Ramirez family to question everything they knew about their town.
  • Marvel Studios Legends (T2). “An exciting reminder of the various heroes and villains heading into the highly anticipated streaming shows premiering on Disney+, paving the way for adventures to come.”
  • Mickey Mouse Fun House (T1) “Mickey Mouse Funhouse is a fantastic place where Funny, a magical house, talks and interacts with Mickey, Minnie and their friends.”
  • Reservation Dogs (T2). “A half-hour episodic comedy that follows four indigenous teens from rural Oklahoma who spend their days stealing, stealing, and saving their way to the mysterious, exotic, and faraway land of California.”
  • Reunited: How ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ was made. “Through intimate interviews recorded during filming, we will see Shuri take up the mantle of Wakanda’s hero and face Namor, a new enemy risen from the depths of the ocean.”
  • holy damn (T1). «Reinaldo’s wife is in a vegetative state and he decides to opt for euthanasia to alleviate her suffering. However, as if by a miracle, she is there, she wakes up. »
  • The A Word (T3). «The story of the Hughes family, who work, love and fight like any other family; a fun series about parenthood and childhood that makes you think.»

Enter catalog:

  • Something’s up in Vegas
  • Give me back my luck
  • The plan
  • The darker hour
  • Love at first flight (T1)
  • Mickey Mouse Fun House (T1)
  • We Are Now (T3)

We end the weekly review with the Amazon Prime Video offer, which takes up one of its successful national series such as Operation Black Tidealso takes up his latest production by Jeremy Clarkson, adds a few films to his catalogue… A little bit of everything.

exclusive content.

  • clarson’s farm (T2). “Another year in the life of Diddly Squat Farm, run by Jeremy Clarkson, Britain’s best-known but least-skilled hobby farmer.”
  • the counterfeiters (T1). “Sunny, a brilliant amateur artist, is catapulted into the dangerous world of counterfeit money when he creates the perfect counterfeit note, while Michael, a passionate and unorthodox agent wants to eliminate the threat of counterfeiting from the country. In this exciting cat-and-mouse chase, losing is not an option.”
  • Operation Black Tide (T2). «Two years have passed and Nando is now serving his sentence while awaiting the final sentence. In prison, his popularity has not stopped growing and everyone wants to count on the courage and determination of the young ex-boxer. »
  • an old stranger. “During a trip to her hometown, a workaholic reminisces about the good old days with her first love and begins to question the person she has become.”

Enter catalog:

  • From Caligari to Hitler: The Age of Cinema Splendor
  • The charm of the beast
  • The hero and the terror
  • the world goes on
  • Greenland: The Last Refuge
  • heroes without a country
  • Ibiza Zombie
  • kundun
  • The Spanish. Torres’s
  • Fortune smiles on Lady Nikuko
  • The passenger
  • the last flag
  • The mercenaries
  • manolito glasses
  • shrews
  • The Outpost (T4)
  • The Wave
  • thirteen chimes

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