News VOD 10/23: ‘Luther: Night falls’… because something has to fall

VOD news brings you the best new releases of the week on Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix, SkyShowtime… And if, Luther: Night falls It is our highlight this Saturday due to mere discarding, so you can already imagine that the menu is regular wherever you look. But for tastes, colors, which is usually said.

Thus, we begin the weekly review of the video on demand news for the Netflix offer, in which what stands out the most is Luther: Night falls… by name alone, it seems. All in all, there may be more releases that catch your eye, even though the platform’s usual number is showing significant signs of retention.

If you are a fan of Idris Elba (The Suicide Squad, Beasts of No Nation), surely you know the series of Lutherof which Luther: Night falls is a full-length sequel where you already know what to expect: a new story from the intense London inspector. Luther It was not Elba’s first important job, but it was the one that served as a springboard to land in Hollywood with the power in which it did a little over a decade ago.

All in all, choose Luther: Night falls The highlight of the weekend is getting carried away by the title, one that in its five seasons on British television had more light than dark, but was never a phenomenon or anything like that. However, Idris Elba is an actor in top form, the franchise is striking… and even so, judging by the first reviews, what this new adventure brings is the worst of what the character gave us at the time, a drama tending more towards boredom than tension.

Come on, Netflix doesn’t get it right with its movies or going to long-standing franchises. So I will end this lead with a positive quote from a critic who has liked the invention: «It does not demand to be seen in the cinema but as a TV movie it is totally enjoyable if you are already hooked on the series. And the ending is especially promising.” By the way, if you have never seen LutherDo you have the complete series on… Netflix? No: on HBO Max.

second course, Chris Rock: Selective Outrage, an incendiary monologue by the American comedian in which he messes with everything that comes within range. Of course, he does not miss the opportunity to immortalize his response to the slap that Will Smith gave him at the last edition of the Oscars and, true to the saying, revenge is served cold. Resolutely shocking that Netflix, which until recently was linked to the actor to make a second part of the mess that of Bright, has given the green light to such public humiliation. Now, things as they are: Rock sticks his finger in a sore that he did not open.

More exclusive content:

  • Love (T1). “Despite the Philippine government’s crackdown on drugs, young student Joseph deals more and more and his police uncle profits from corruption.”
  • love crash course (T1). “A caring mother faces the competitive world of private education when her daughter tries to enroll in the class of a famous math professor.”
  • play dirty (T1). “In this contest where wisdom counts as much as knowing how to lie, contestants can cheat to win. The only rule is… don’t get caught!”
  • MH370: The plane that disappeared (T1). «In 2014, a plane with 239 people on board disappeared from all radars. This docuseries looks at one of the greatest modern mysteries: Flight MH370.”
  • Far away from here. “After inheriting a house on an island in Croatia, a woman makes an impulsive decision and embarks on a journey that brings joy and love back into her life.”
  • Frog Naidu (T1). Rana Naidu is the man the rich and famous turn to if they get into trouble. But when his father is released from jail, will he handle his own problems just as well?
  • team survival (T1). «In the wild Alaska, 16 contestants compete for a juicy prize money. But to get there, these lone wolves need to be part of a team.”
  • Did you find what you were searching for? “A retired broadcaster works in a supermarket so he can attend the party at his old radio station, where he hopes to see the love of his life again.”

Enter catalog:

  • love
  • L’accompagnatrice
  • the last solution
  • the 4th pouvoir
  • The Spaniard’s Curse
  • A bed at any price

We continue with HBO Max, but without highlighting releases anymore. However, if you approach the platform to find out the origins of Luther because you like police and detective movies and series, keep an eye on the data, because Perry Mason is back with its second season.

exclusive content:

  • Perry Mason (T2). “The case of the decade knocks on Mason’s door, and his relentless search for the truth uncovers a divided city, and perhaps a path to his own salvation.”
  • rain dogs (T1). “A madcap love story of a mother for her daughter, of deep-rooted friendships, and how genius is affected by poverty and prejudice.”
  • YOLO (T2). “The adventures of Sarah and Rachel arrive, two super partying aunts in search of fun, new experiences and a good vibe.”

Enter catalog:

  • Better Thing (T5)
  • Call Me Kat (T3)
  • who are you traveling with
  • Written in the stars (T1)
  • Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
  • Mad Max: Highway Savages
  • Moley (T1)
  • Mystic River
  • riverdale
  • wow chaos

Disney + arrives with little, but well avenue according to what can be read on the portals of specialized criticism. Nothing very striking, but be sure to take a look at grandfather and ex-convict and The cry of butterflies if you are subscribed to the service and do not find anything appetizing.

exclusive content:

  • grandfather and ex-convict (T1). “A disastrously perfectionist life and relationship counselor and single mother whose life is turned upside down when her drug dealer father is released from prison where she has spent 17 years and moves into the next room.”
  • Chang dunks. “Chang, a 16-year-old Asian-American boy, bets his high school basketball ace that he’ll be able to dunk the night of the last football game.”
  • The cry of butterflies (T1). «» The cry of the Butterflies »reviews the events that led to the brutal murder of the Dominican activist Minerva Mirabal and hers two sisters of hers activists by order of the dictator Leónidas Trujillo.»
  • Miley Cyrus – Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions). «Don’t miss this Disney + special starring Miley Cyrus, in which she presents and performs in an unprecedented way the songs from her eighth studio album, «Endless Summer Vacation», as well as the hit «The Climb».»

Enter catalog:

  • Beltenebros
  • Better Thing (T5)
  • The Bursa Nightingale
  • Julia
  • LA Confidential
  • peppa piga (T1-T6)
  • Salamis Soldiers
  • tigerland

If you’re wondering what’s going on on Amazon Prime Video, the answer is it depends. When it comes to exclusive content, little and not very interesting; but if you look at what goes into the catalog, you will find more variety. I recomend you The Man from Earthif you like classic science fiction with a philosophical undertone.

exclusive content.

  • Scandal: portrait of an obsession (T1). «Inés has lived without leaving her margins, complying with the conventions that have blurred her as a woman to the point of making her invisible. One day she decides to skip the fundamental rule, which is to destroy yourself if what makes you exist does not satisfy you. »
  • Federico Chiesa: Back on Track. «January 9, 2022, Stadio Olimpico in Rome. In the first half of the first half Federico Chiesa collapses screaming in pain. He has torn the cruciate ligament in his left knee. Federico will have to rediscover himself, as a footballer and as a man.”

Enter catalog:

  • To all train Destination Asturias
  • Commando (Warbus)
  • the day i got lost
  • The one we know (What we know)
  • The last witch hunter
  • The last day
  • Story of a betrayal
  • Ida Red: the price of freedom
  • stolen innocence
  • The arrival
  • The mermaid
  • the big feast
  • The Spy’s Wife
  • The babysitter(Complete series)
  • the 800
  • The secrets we hide
  • love and demons
  • mercenaries
  • my pony friend
  • while new york sleeps
  • Moulin Rouge
  • beyond doubt
  • christmas in paradise
  • Silent night, dead night
  • Will he be able to escape? (Midnight)
  • Sensitive: The Untold Story
  • The High Frontier: The Untold Story of Gerard K. O’Neill
  • The Man from Earth
  • The Shield (Complete Series)
  • The Vessel
  • A place at the top
  • A
  • V, the curse of the vampire

We finish this week the review not with Apple TV + as usual, since there is nothing new on the apple platform except the new episodes of its series on broadcast, but with the little that SkyShowtime brings again. It should be remembered that SkyShowtime premiered in Spain last week with a lot of stuff, including original series that it hasn’t launched all at once, but rather those that are issuing episodes weekly. Well, following the same formula, the service is gradually releasing things of his that had not yet had their place (as they are dubbing, it seems).

exclusive content:

  • The Great Game (T1). «Corso Manni was the most successful sports agent of the ISG Company and of all of Italy until the scandal damaged his reputation; he now seeks revenge against the giant company and its owners, the De Gregorio family, that destroyed his career. »

Enter catalog:

  • The Challenge: Frost vs. Nixon
  • fat actress (T1)

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