News VOD 42/21: ‘Free Guy’, the NPC who wanted to play

VOD news brings you the best releases of the week on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video … And there is a lot of material, although it is not well distributed. Of course, positions to choose, Free guy It is the most bombastic thing that you are going to be able to throw at your face. Today we go straight to the point.

Disney +

So let’s start with Disney +, which releases three exclusive contents, all three looking very good, in addition, although Free guy It is the one we have chosen to highlight. And more in catalog.

Free guy

Free guy is one of the big unexpected hits of the last year, an action comedy with touches of adventure, science fiction and even fantasy in which Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) moves like a fish in water … or, rather, like an NPC in the open world. Free guy It is, in short, a light and entertaining movie that almost everyone will like. It doesn’t reinvent anything, but it does the job in a great way.

On the other side of the institute

On the other side of the instituteFor its part, it is a new exclusive Disney + series that also aspires to appeal to the whole family, although its tone and direction is youthful. It is a fantastic anthology with touches of comedy and horror that goes like a glove for the dates we are in.

Reservation Dogs

Finally, Disney + also premieres exclusively Reservation Dogs, a series whose creator is Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok, Jojo rabbit) and saying that is saying enough. In this case, it is a ‘dramedia’ starring Native American adolescents who only dream of escaping from their reservation.

Enter catalog:

  • The other side of the door
  • Facing
  • grown-ish (T3)
  • Kingsman: The Golden Circle
  • Black market (T1-T2)
  • Death at dusk (T1)
  • [REC]2
  • Uncensored (T1)
  • The Cave
  • The D’Amelio Show (T1)
  • Cannibal sharks
  • Villaviciosa next door
  • Living is easy with your eyes closed


We continue with Netflix in the week in which it increases its prices in Spain, but also in the week in which it launches more exclusive content. Crazy, if not for the usual: most of them smell like a chain burger; but, also as always, there are exceptions.

Rescue distance

Among the highlights of the week on Netflix, at least according to specialized critics, is Rescue distance, adaptation of the novel by the Argentine Samanta Schweblin that takes shape as a co-production between Peru, the United States, Chile and Spain. It is not leaving anyone indifferent, and there we leave it because it is a suspense movie and the trailer already says too much.


More comedy, but also suspense with Trip, a crazy Norwegian movie that you notice because there is Noomi Rapace (Prometheus, Millennium), although the criticism is receiving it as an outlet of the most fun, especially for badly matched marriages.

The forgotten battle

The forgotten battle It’s more of a hunch, as there are hardly any criticisms of this Dutch period war film production that collects a passage from World War II, and that at least in production design will generate interest, if you like this type of cinema.

Violet Evergarden: The Movie

Finally, if you liked the anime series, you will surely want to see its extended conclusion: Violet Evergarden: The Movie. And there is nothing more to say about it.

More exclusive content:

  • Jacinto Action. “Poland, 1980s. A policeman who is not satisfied with the outcome of a murder investigation in the Warsaw gay community sets out to discover the truth.”
  • Bright: Samurai Soul. “In the early years of Japan’s ‘Meiji Restoration’, a human ronin teams up with a murderous orc to save an orphan elf from their common adversary.”
  • Confluence: Courage in Times of Crisis. “As COVID-19 intensifies vulnerabilities around the world, unsung heroes at all levels of society help steer things towards a better future.”
  • Four by four. “After the twist of their swinger experiment, four friends go to a remote beach to face the consequences and confess big secrets.”
  • Love is like the cha-cha (T1). “A big-city dentist opens a clinic in a small coastal town, where she meets a charming handyman who turns out to be her polar opposite in every way.”
  • The Kangaroo Club (T2). “This modern adaptation of the famous books by Ann M. Martin tells the adventures of five close friends and their babysitting business.”
  • The fantastic Halloween of Tibucán. “The gang warms up for Halloween with the spooky legend of the terrifying fog and Tibucán must save the tradition of trick or treating from a sea monster.”
  • The world of Karma (T1). “Karma, who has a gift for music, combines her rap dreams with the art of rhyming while using her talent, ambition and heart to tackle any problem.”
  • The Creation of Malinche: A Documentary by Nacho Cano. “A vision of the creative process that gives life to the new musical by Nacho Cano, based on the love story between Malinche and Hernán Cortés and the fusion of their two worlds.”
  • Little things (T4). “A couple in their twenties living together grapple with the ups and downs of work, modern relationships and the search for self in contemporary Bombay.”
  • My name (T1). “After the murder of her father, a woman with a thirst for revenge decides to trust the powerful boss of a criminal network … and infiltrates the police under his orders.”
  • Mighty express (T5). “The Mighty Express trains and their little friends have great ideas for solving any problem in no time. That’s the great thing about teamwork! “
  • Misfit: The Series (T1). “A wild year awaits the Misfits while they prepare a musical … but the new head of their institute forbids it and it is up to Julia to find a solution.”
  • One Night in Paris. “This special, which combines skits with lightning performances, brings together great stand-ups from the French comedy scene as they explore life during the pandemic.”
  • Other life (T2). “When a huge alien artifact lands on Earth, Niko Breckinridge leads an interstellar mission to discover and study its origin.”
  • Blue Period (T1). “Popular teenager Yatora Yaguchi, bored with life, plunges into the wonderful (yet relentless) world of art after finding inspiration in a painting.”
  • The Movies That Made Us (T3). “These blockbusters brought a generation together and amused a lot of people. Actors, directors and industry experts who made them happen talk about them. “
  • You (T3). “A dangerously charming and extremely obsessive young man uses unorthodox methods to get into the lives of people who fascinate him.”

Enter catalog:

  • Airbender, the last warrior
  • Something’s up in Vegas
  • Angeliena
  • There is no one living here (T6)
  • CoComelon (T4)
  • Deep impact
  • The atom and us
  • Boat (T3)
  • The Sinking of Japan: A Hopeful People (T1)
  • In the company of heroes
  • Wait for spring, Bandini
  • Find the Lady
  • History of the occult
  • Unfaithful
  • The magic of Anne Frank’s diary
  • Masha and the bear (T1)
  • Little women
  • Ons
  • Pacific Rim: Insurrection
  • Peter Bell II: The Hunt for the Czar Crown
  • Sex Tape: Something Happens in the Cloud
  • Slashers
  • Sonny boy
  • The Sacrament
  • The Seventh Heaven
  • The Van Paemel Family
  • Watchmen

Amazon Prime Video

What’s new in Amazon Prime Video? Very little, to tell the truth, but enough if we count with the accumulated. Highlight, we highlight …

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Yes sir: I Know What You Did Last Summer, the remake in serial format of the classic slasher from the late nineties, a piece of junk that… I’m not saying it, everyone who has seen the first four chapters of something that shouldn’t have existed, because if the original material was already love it, imagine it now.

Exclusive contents:

  • GEO Beyond the Limit (T1). «For the first time in the history of the Police, a camera team has exclusive access to the selection process for new members of the Special Operations Group (GEO), which lasts for more than 7 months. (Ambien) Dozens of policemen start, but only a few will finish the course. “

Enter catalog:

  • Ad astra
  • Black Mountain Side
  • The invisible man
  • Harriet
  • Kiss of the damned
  • Colonel’s Stray Dogs
  • Dam

Apple TV +

The same for Apple TV + when it comes to quantity: little, very little; just three irrelevant things … But don’t care too much, you have new chapters of Foundation and The Morning Show.

Exclusive contents:

  • Puppies: Looking for a home. “Brothers Charles and Lizzie Peterson love dogs so much that they have as a mission to rescue and find the ideal home for them to be happy”
  • The problem with John Stewart. “Often times, the world’s problems seem to get the better of us, but the key is to identify the systems that cause them.”
  • The Velvet Underground. “With exclusive interviews and spectacular archival footage, this documentary provides a kaleidoscopic look at the history of The Velvet Underground.”


We close the weekly review with the new from HBO, which is practically nothing, like letting the service die so that HBO Max can replace it and show it. We’ll see.

Exclusive contents:

  • Batwoman (T3). “Kate Kane protects the streets of Gotham as Batwoman, a highly trained fighter dedicated to ending the city’s weakened criminal world, but… don’t call her a hero.”
  • We´re Here (T2). “Six-episode series in which famous drag queens seek out small-town dwellers for a one-night stand in drag.”

Enter catalog:

  • Fena, pirate princess

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