News: Windows 11 Has Its Ice Cream, Runs WSL2 Faster, and Edge Corrects Your Spelling

For better or for worse, it is an operating system that is called to be one of the great references of everything related to software worldwide. Hence precisely the impact it is having in its first hours, something that will possibly be extended to the next few months. To give you an idea of ​​how far all this goes, below, we will give you two clear examples of it.

Windows 11 has its own ice cream and a 6D concert

At first it may seem a bit strange, but we are going to tell you that the new Windows 11 already has its own ice cream. In fact, it is a limited edition created by Microsoft itself, specially designed for lovers of the new system. In this way The software giant has now announced what it has called Bloomberry, a limited edition ice cream created in collaboration with Mikey Likes It.

It must be said that it is offered for free in certain places in the United States and in principle, and according to the company, it is launched for the luckiest users of Microsoft. As a curiosity, we will say that it combines blueberry ice cream with a cake filling of the same fruit, sponge cake and pieces of chocolate and caramel.

In turn, and taking advantage of the same launch, an event has also been created in the form of a 6D musical experience. It will be the first of its kind, although we’re still not entirely sure what 6D music experience really means. The Microsoft website It promises multiple camera views during its broadcast and even a free Windows 11 NFT. Say that in this case the NFT is a cryptographic token from your digital wallet that unlocks experiences and rewards.

Edge integrates Microsoft Editor functions

Continuing with Microsoft, we must know that, although we deal with an internet browser, what we write in it must also be reviewed. Specifically, we mean that everything we type in the program must contain a series of correct spelling and grammar parameters. Aware of it all now Edge has been updated in its Dev editions and Canary implementing the spelling checker and the signature grammar suggestions.

microsoft editor

In this way and by default, the program will have the Microsoft Editor function that until now we could use as an extension. Therefore, if we had it installed in this browser, we will be able to remove it shortly since it will be fully integrated into it. Editor marks misspelled words. capitalization, subject-verb agreement, use of tildes, and other errors.

This is the magic command to start WSL2 on Windows

We have already commented on many occasions that Microsoft is betting a lot on open source lately. Not in vain and thanks to the Windows subsystem for Linux or WSL we have the possibility of running various distributions on the software giant’s system. This is a feature that has been around for a while and that has been gradually improved through updates.

We tell you all this because we can already make use of the so-called WSL2, and we can also start it in a much simpler way thanks to this command. With this we tell you that now there is a new simplified way to start WSL2 in Windows. Therefore, for this, all we have to do is open PowerShell and type the following command:

wsl --install

powershell wsl

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