News: Windows XP Background Today, Twitter Improves MDs, and More

But before seeing this aspect of that fund that you surely still remember was surprising, today we are going to talk about an important change that one of the most used social networks is making. Specifically we refer to Twitter, the blue bird social network that wants to improve our user experience.

Twitter improves the use of direct messages to contacts

It is very possible that many of you have been making use of direct messages that allow us to check Twitter for a long time. But the social network now wants to share these messages with several users independently to be easier. For this that we tell you, those responsible for the platform have added a new functionality.

Simple Twitter design

Specifically, we refer to the possibility of sharing the same tweet by means of DM simultaneously with up to 20 people. Of course, now we can carry out all this independently. So in addition to save time we will have much more control over these direct messages on the social network.

Adobe improves collaborative work in Creative Cloud

A giant like Adobe cannot stop improving its products as it has millions of users around the world. We tell you this because now it is known that the firm has announced the purchase of the platform, a service for collaboration in video editing. This is something that has been done because Adobe will integrate’s content review and approval tools into its Premiere solutions, After effects and other Creative Cloud applications.

Keep in mind that until now allowed video editors to share their content with real-time collaboration functions. Therefore, with this merger after the purchase, Adobe will integrate these functions, not only in its video editing applications, but also in other apps from Creative cloud What Photoshop.

New feature import Adobe Premiere Pro

There is no doubt that this collaborative work will open a wide range of possibilities to the millions of Creative Cloud users. And it is that we must bear in mind that group work does not stop growing and not only in office environments, but in others such as the design or the retouching of multimedia content.

See how the background of Windows XP has changed

For most of those who have been using the operating system of Microsoft For decades, Windows XP is one of the most missed and loved of all together, surely many of you will remember the iconic desktop wallpaper that this system provided us by default.

original xp background

We tell you all this because now, 20 years after that image was taken, the truth is that the landscape has changed to a great extent. In fact, in these same lines we are going to show you the photo with the current aspect of that landscape to see if you are able to recognize it.

current xp background

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