News: YouTube will allow you to download videos, Edge comes to Xbox and more

Hence precisely that many companies around the world are focusing their projects on the online world. This is something we see on a daily basis and from which we, the users, clearly benefit. One of the most representative and important companies in the entire online world is Google itself. What began as a search engine, has become one of the technologies that have the most impact on million users daily.

YouTube prepares a function that allows us to download videos

We are commenting on this company, it has a multitude of applications, platforms and services from which we can benefit. If we focus on the video streaming sector, YouTube is undoubtedly one of the great references here. In addition, we mention it to you precisely now because the search firm is testing a function that has been claiming for years.

In fact, it is something that many users have been doing for a long time, but with platforms that are not very well viewed from third parties. As you can imagine, we are talking about downloading videos directly from the platform. Therefore, at this time we can say that Google is testing this functionality natively, but only for its Premium users, that is, for those who pay. Therefore, if you are one of these users, you are subscribed to the testing website of Youtube, and you’re using a Chromium-based browser, maybe you can give it a try.

To meet these requirements, you can use and test the video download function until October 19. This is something that we can carry out through a button that will be located next to the rest of the controls of the player.


On this day, the first online information service debuted

Changing the third we are going to tell you that on a day like today, September 24, but in 1979, a company launched the first online Information Service for consumers. It is a company that is today continues its journey, this is none other than CompuServe. The firm as such opened its doors in 1969 offering a dial-up service to business computers, which was enormously successful over the next decade.

But the idea of ​​offering a similar service to consumers, something that was carried out in 1979. At first this idea seemed a bit risky to many, especially when personal computers still had nothing to do with what they are today day. However, time has clearly shown that the decision on the part of CompuServe 42 years ago today, it was totally correct.

Chromium-based Edge finally comes to Xbox

Since Microsoft made the decision to download its first version of the Edge browser, which was launched alongside Windows 10, and opted for the second, wanted to reach all teams and platforms. However, to date the company’s own video game consoles still offered the original Edge to its millions of users. We tell you all this because things have changed after the new upgrade of the consoles for the present month of September.

And from now on, Xbox Series S / Series X and One users will be able to have the new Edge based on the Chromium engine on their devices.

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