Newskill adds color to keyboards 60% with Pyros Aqua and Lavender

Taking advantage of the holiday season to bring us a bit of color, and continuing its December full of new products, Newskill has just introduced two new special editions of its acclaimed TKL 60% keyboard, featuring the arrival of the Pyros Aqua and Lavender.

These keyboards join the ultra compact keyboard series keeping the same specifications of the original model, opting for some profiles in blue and lavender colors, with keycaps combined in white, which give unique dynamism to these original designs. So, beyond aesthetics, these models offer great gaming features, made with high-quality premium network switches that offer an excellent response speed that, together with the anti-ghosting technology in each of its keys, make them an ultra-precise ally.

In addition, their ultra compact format allows them to be 40% smaller than conventional keyboards, helping to keep your setup clean and organized, but without neglecting any of the features you are looking for in a good gaming keyboard. All this without giving up the comfortable multimedia keys and the ability to record macros, with which we can customize our experience to quickly and easily execute some command combinations.

As to its RGB lighting, we will have up to 17 predefined modes, in addition to the ability to configure the lighting to our liking through its own software.

On the other hand, its long-lasting battery It will allow us to play wirelessly wherever we go when we use its Bluetooth Wireless technology; in the same way as its Plug and Play functionality through the USB cable.

Availability and price

Currently we can already find the Pyros Aqua and Pyros Lavanda Special Edition available through the official Newskill website, with a starting price similar to the original keyboard, from 79.95 euros. In addition, they will soon also be available through other distributors such as Amazon and PcComponentes.

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