Newskill Anhur RGB Gaming Table

Just in time for the Christmas period, this Spanish manufacturer surprises us with the increase in its catalog of gaming tables and the arrival of the Newskill Anhur RGB, a professional gaming table equipped with various extras among which, of course, its RGB lighting stands out, and its two black and white color options to combine with the rest of its peripherals and setups.

Built on a surface of 120 x 60 centimeters, this table will offer us a good amount of space at the same time that it will allow us to optimize its use to mount our setup. And the Newskill Anhur combines functionality and aesthetics, with a rigid base that simulates a carbon fiber appearance, and a mat overlay which will cover the entire surface to give us greater mobility for the mouse, and an anti-slip surface for the rest of the peripherals. All of this finished off on a reinforced steel structure.

Designed for both of you to enjoy playing or doing everything from common tasks to work, one of the main characteristics of this table is its comfort. To do this, we will have a built-in headphone holder and cup holder, both located on the outer edge of the same to increase the useful surface. In addition, we will have some covered cable ties that will allow us to maintain a more efficient cable management without compromising aesthetics.

In addition, as we said, this table has an RGB lighting system around its entire surface, giving you this unique customizable gaming character with up to seven fixed color options and a breathing mode.

Availability and price

Currently we can already find the Newskill Anhur RGB available through the official website of the brand under a price of 169.95 euros, with a pre-purchase character and shipments dated to start on December 17. In addition, as always, we will soon be able to find it available also through other local distributors such as Amazon and PcComponentes.

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