Newskill Anuki TWS ANC Earbuds, analysis

Although wireless headphones are not a new thing, in recent years we are witnessing unprecedented commercial success. The technological improvements of the Bluetooth standard and batteries together with a notable drop in prices has motivated many users to forget about cables forever.

Newskill’s strategy is to find a balance between quality, performance and price and the new Newskill Anuki TWS ANC Earbuds are no exception. By less than 40 euros, The brand puts on the market wireless headphones with noise cancellation, autonomy of up to 4 hours without recharging and IPX4 resistance certification. Before continuing, let’s review its most important technical specifications:

Newskill Anuki TWS ANC Earbuds, technical characteristics

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 10mm premium driver speaker
  • Resistance: IPX4
  • Standby time: 60 days approx.
  • Autonomy in use: 3-4 hours approx.
  • Total autonomy time with case: 12-16 hours
  • Charges with the charging case: 4+ full charges
  • ANC Mode, Transparency Mode, ANC / Transparency Off
  • IPX4 resistance – Sweat and splashes
  • 10.7 x 8.8 x 3.7 cm. 124 grams.

The design and some of the functionalities of the Newskill Anuki TWS ANC Earbuds are inspired by Apple’s popular AirPods Pro, which is not necessarily a flaw, quite the opposite. The firm delivers the product in a very compact box and accompanied by a user manual, a set of pads of different sizes and a USB-C charging cable.

As usual, these headphones include a carrying case that doubles as a battery, continually recharging them while they are in it. In this way, we can reach autonomies of up to 16 hours of listening without the need for a cable, carrying out up to four full charges in the box.

The headphones are made of good quality plastic, with a correct level of assembly and without bezels or edges that can deteriorate with use. They are light and comfortable, although as with any in-ear, you need to choose the correct pad and a short adaptation period, which will be longer if we have never used this type of device.

The configuration of these headphones is automatic and very simple, thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 standard. It works seamlessly with any compatible device, regardless of the operating system and we have not detected accidental cuts, interferences or disconnections in any use scenario.

User interaction with the headphones is tactile, through a small area located on the top of the helmets. Just a press of about two seconds to switch between noise cancellation, off or “transparency”, depending on our needs.

In terms of sound quality the Newskill Anuki TWS ANC Earbuds meet our expectations and offer a correct performance, taking into account the price range we are talking about. The sound they provide is flat and clear, without artifice and more than correct in treble, although a little more strength in bass is missing. In any case, nothing serious at this point.

The active noise cancellation it works well, also helped by the ergonomics and rubbery texture of the pads. It is essential to adjust the headphones well to take advantage of a function that, although it does not work miracles, if it allows us to enjoy music in noisy environments without the need to increase the volume to extreme levels. Again, a function that meets and is appreciated in a device that does not exceed 40 euros.

Newskill Anuki TWS ANC Earbuds, analysis 35

The autonomy it is usually the great concern of those who choose such a device but, fortunately, it is far from being a problem. It is enough to leave them for about 20 minutes in the box to have almost two hours of autonomy and we have up to 4 recharges available if we have the full battery so in real use (on the street, in the subway, walking) it will be very rare the case of running out Energy.


Recommended Product

The Newskill Anuki TWS ANC Earbuds are one of those products that is easy to recommend. They offer a sleek design, remarkable audio quality, and a truly enjoyable user experience at an incredible price. Perfect as a first foray into the world of wireless audio or simply for those who want to make the leap without spending too much.

Final assessment


Great wireless headphones at an incredible price. Comfortable, with good audio quality and a more than correct autonomy to forget about cables forever.

Design and build quality8

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