Newskill Arakne Elite Ivory, the white version of its ultralight Wireless gaming mouse

Expanding its range of peripherals in white, Newskill presents us today the arrival of Arakne Elite Ivory, an aesthetic reversal of your professional gaming mouse that has RGB backlighting, different lighting effects, and different aspects of configuration and customization that make it the perfect option for those looking for a wireless mouse with good performance that adapts to all types of players.

The Newskill Arakne Elite Ivory features an ambidextrous design that will allow both right-handed and left-handed players to play adequately, with the possibility of using it both with cable (while charging it) and completely wirelessly through the connection of its USB dongle.

Although undoubtedly one of its most remarkable characteristics is the incorporation of modular side buttons. Magnetically designed side buttons are designed to make it easy to assign quick commands for frenetic games where one click is the difference between victory and defeat. On the other hand, its top cover also has a modular design and we can remove or put it depending on whether we are looking for a gaming mouse with a more traditional style or if we want to maintain that style in the form of a spider web.

Thus, the proprietary software of the Newskill Arakne Elite Ivory will allow us to configure all its buttons to adjust them to the needs of each game, adapting to each type of player and each type of video game. Customize its up to 16,000 DPIs and give your hand to precision thanks to its panacord cable, which prevents the mouse cable from getting tangled and therefore the signal that is transmitted is more reliable and does not leave room for error.

Availability and price

Currently we can find the Newskill Arakne Elite Ivory mouse, as well as its original model, available for purchase through the official website of the brand under a price of 59.95 euros. although once again, the company has already told us that soon we will also be able to find them on Amazon and PcComponentes.

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