Newskill Arakne Elite Ivory, wireless, white and with only 95g

Until now, the most common aesthetic in a gaming ecosystem was black and RGB lighting. However, and although black generally looks good in any environment, the color white is being increasingly demanded by users, since it brings a luminosity to the environment that black is not capable of creating despite the lighting. Aware of this, the Spanish manufacturer Newskill is renewing almost its entire catalog of peripherals by adding the nickname “Ivory”, with white aesthetics as in this new Arakne Elite Ivory RGB mouse.

The usual Arakne Elite RGB, but now in white

Within a gaming ecosystem, in addition to hardware, the mouse is possibly the most important device, since it depends on whether or not we have precision in the games. There are some users who doubt the wireless technology and they prefer to operate by cable even though they do not have as much freedom of movement, but it has long been proven that wireless communication technology in gaming mice is as reliable as cable, so that has long since ceased to be an impediment .

All in all, Newskill’s Arakne Elite Ivory RGB has a rechargeable battery using a USB-C port with included 1.75 meter cable, cable that can also be used to charge the battery while playing games at the same time, so if the user wants, they can also play with the cable connected. The mouse incorporates an optical sensor PixArt PMW3335 up to 16,000 DPI which, of course, is configurable using the software (Although even without software, six resolution jumps are already configured by default: 800, 1,600, 2,400, 3,600, 5,000 and 16,000 DPI).

This sensor supports a 40 G maximum acceleration, with a maximum motion detection of 400 inches per second, so no matter how fast and aggressive you move the mouse, the sensor will not miss a single iota of your movement to provide the highest possible precision. Of course, even in wireless mode this gaming mouse has a latency of only 1 ms (1,000 Hz polling frequency).

Before we told you that through the software you could configure the resolution jumps, but the possibilities go much further. You can select up to six different jumps, and if you want you can take advantage of the RGB lighting of the mouse so that with each resolution the mouse changes color, so that we can easily identify which one we have selected. Its nine buttons can also be configured to carry out the actions you want, including macros, since the software also integrates a powerful editor.

As you can see in the images, the Newskill Arakne Elite Ivory RGB is a very light design mouse (it weighs only 95 grams, with battery included), with a perforated palm part, and has an ambidextrous (symmetrical) design with side buttons on both sides, making it ideal for left- or right-handed users, as well as palm, claw or palm-type grips. fingertip.

Price and availability

Newskill Arakne Elite Ivory RGB

This new version of the Arakne Elite RGB in white can already be purchased in the manufacturer’s online store at a price of 59.95 euros, and shipping (which, by the way, is free) is scheduled from next October 25, 2021. From that day we can also find it in the usual stores where the manufacturer sells, including Amazon Spain and PcComponentes.

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