Newskill celebrates DreamHack with 30% discounts

It is already underway DreamHack of Valencia, one of the most important gaming events of the year, and to celebrate its presence in it the Spanish manufacturer Newskill has announced an interesting promotion that, using a discount code that we are going to provide you with, reduces the price of a large number of products from its catalog by 30%.

Newskill is celebrating its presence at this year’s DreamHack in style, and even if you are not physically attending the fair, you can still enjoy substantial discounts on a large number of products in its catalog. Of course, keep in mind that not all products will have a discount, but you can see all those affected on their website. The promotion will be active from July 1 to July 7, even after the DreamHack is over.

Newskill + DreamHack = Big Discounts

You should know that Newskill has notified us that they have enough stock of all the promotional products, but it is true that there are some products that tend to “fly” such as the Kitsune Zephyr fabric chairs or the Serike keyboard, so if you were waiting a good offer to buy Newskill products we recommend that you take advantage of this promotion for the return of DreamHack.

As you can see in the images that we have been putting in what we have in the article, to benefit from this 30% discount you must use the discount code DREAMHACK22 during the purchase process. Simply add the products you want to buy to the shopping cart, and in the next step you will find the option to add a promotional code to apply this discount.

30% discount on best-selling chairs

newskill chairs

Gaming chairs are one of the flagship products of this manufacturer, and they have proven to provide a more than excellent performance / price ratio. During the DreamHack and thanks to the DREAMHACK22 discount code, you can enjoy 30% on these models (and be careful because some stay for less than €100).

  • Newskill Kitsune (€118.97 with a 30% discount): available in green, blue, black, red and white, this chair is a top seller for a reason: its ergonomic design makes it very comfortable, which Its high-quality materials, lumbar and cervical cushions and adjustable armrests make it the best quality / price option on the market right now.
  • Newskill Kitsune Zephyr (€118.97 with the discount): this version differs from the previous one in that it is made of high-quality fabric, more breathable and softer than the previous one.
  • Newskill Kitsune RGB (€153.97 with the discount): another variant of the famous Kitsune for those users who are fans of RGB lighting and want even the chair to match the aesthetics of the rest of their equipment. Just by connecting a USB cable to the PC or to an external battery, you will have it at full capacity.
  • Newskill Takamikura (132.97% with a 30% discount): available in blue, black, white, red, green and even the acclaimed pink, this chair also stands out for its ergonomic design, ideal for spending hours and hours in front of to the PC without getting tired.

More chairs on offer are the Valkyr (€146.97), Nayuki (€83.07, what a deal!) and Kaidan (€139.97) models. Of course, if you were looking to buy a chair from this brand, now is the best time you will find.

Newskill’s best headphones are also discounted

Newskill Headphones

If you’re looking for some good headphones, you can also save some serious money with these Newskill deals:

  • Newskill Scylla Ivory Wireless (€69.97 with discount): Compatible with PC, PS4, PS5, Switch and Xbox consoles, these RGB wireless headphones provide quality stereo sound, and with their black and white aesthetics they won’t let you down. nobody indifferent.
  • Newskill Drakain and Drakain Ivory (27.97% off 30%) – These stereo RGB headphones are compatible with any audio source that has a 3.5mm minijack audio connection (they also need a USB to power the lighting).
  • Newskill Sylvanus PRO 7.1 (€41.97 with the discount): thanks to its 7.1 virtual surround audio, these USB-connected headphones will delight gamers who want to enjoy maximum immersion in games.

Best Newskill Keyboards for DreamHack

Newskill Keyboards

Newskill has a large number of keyboards in its catalog, and almost all of them will be on sale during the promotion period (remember, from July 1 to 7 and using the discount code DREAMHACK22). These are the models on offer:

  • Serike TKL Ivory (€34.97): with Outemu Red mechanical switches, and in TKL format that eliminates the number pad on the right to save space.
  • Serike TKL (€34.97): the same as the previous one, but with a more traditional aesthetic in black.
  • Serike Ivory (€41.97): It is the same as the previous ones, in white and in this case with the full format that includes the traditional number pad.
  • Suiko Ivory (€48.97): This mechanical keyboard features Outemu Red switches, and provides the same as any other high-end gaming keyboard, but at an unrepeatable price. As an “Ivory” keyboard, it is in white color.
  • Pyros 60% (Black and Ivory) (48.97%) – These excellent compact 60% keyboards have Kailh red mechanical switches and software configuration.

Also on sale we have the Chronos TKL (€41.97), Gungnyr Pro Black and Ivory (€83.97) and the Gungnyr TKL Pro Black and Ivory (€76.97).

Mice and mousepads are also on sale

If you want to buy a new gaming mouse, we also have several mice on sale during this period:

And of course you also have some of the manufacturer’s mats on sale:

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