Newskill Icarus: democratizing access to curved screens

If a couple of days ago we told you about two new monitors from the Newskill Icarus family, today one more member is added to it, the Newskill Icarus IC24VAF165, which personally seems to me to be a huge success, because as I indicate in the title of this news , represents an important step for easy access to curved screen technology to users who have tight budgets and/or small spaces, but who want to enjoy the immersive experience provided by these screens.

And it is that this new curved screen Newskill Icarus offers us an option built around a VA panel of 23.6 inches with FullHD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Thus, we are talking about a screen that, due to its size, fits perfectly even in those spaces in which the most panoramic models and that, of course, require a much larger space for their placement.

Regarding its features, we are talking about Newskill Icarus, so we can already get used to the idea that we are talking about a screen that, due to technical specifications and performance, is more than suitable for gaming. Thus, we speak of a monitor with a 165 hertz refresh rateto which we must add a response time of only one millisecond MPRTwhich guarantees a virtually immediate response between our actions and their representation on the screen.

If we talk about technologies, this Newskill Icarus supports G-Sync and FreeSync, so it is able to take advantage of graphics card technologies to improve image quality and screen response. Also, to combat the unpleasant effect of ghosting, we also Features Overdrive anti-ghosting technologywhich guarantees that we will not have to suffer this unpleasant effect no matter how fast the action is when we are playing.

Due to its size, this curved Newskill Icarus seems to me to be a very suitable option for both small spaces and multi-monitor setups where we want to have a screen that provides a more immersive experience. An effect that, in combination with a positional sound system, either through headphones or with speakers and a subwoofer, can provide a most interesting experience.

The curved Newskill Icarus IC24VAF165 is now on sale on the Newskill website and, as I indicated at the beginning, its price is one of its main virtues, and that is that we are talking about a curved monitor with a price of only €219.95.

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