Newskill keyboard and mouse with a significant price drop

We have, on the one hand, the Newskill Pyros Speed ​​Pro keyboard, an extremely compact keyboard that does not require cables. Also, we have the arkane tournament mouse, a mouse that is characterized by its type design, grid and adjustable weight. Two peripherals that are sure to delight the most demanding video game fans. (

Newskill Arakne Tournament, good cooling and weight adjustment

Mice with a design h grid type palm restThey have increased in popularity quite a bit. The positive thing about these mice is that it allows good cooling of the hand. It reduces sweating and is much more pleasant for long games, which is why they are so popular. Note that it can be changed, since it includes a smooth version, in case we want something more conventional.

It is not the only interesting aspect of this mouse, and that is that it has a very interesting ambidextrous design. This means that the mouse is symmetrical and can be used by lefties and righties.

This mouse has a high-quality sensor that offers us a sensitivity up to 16,000 DPI. Through the brand’s software we can adjust up to six DPI levels, thus being able to create a configuration for each game. The mouse scroll lights up in the color chosen for the configured DPI level. We can navigate between these levels using the button just below the scroll itself.

It has a strip of RGB lighting at the bottom that we can customize to taste through the software. We can also adjust the weight of this mouse, the base weight being 75 grams and through the set of weights we can reach 97 grams.

A very complete mouse, which we can adjust through software and physically according to our needs. It is a great solution very good for all types of grips and for different types of games.

Newskill Pyros Speed ​​Pro, compact and without cables

We now turn to a 60% type keyboard which is extremely compact and works via Bluetooth. This means that we do not have unnecessary cables on the table, as well as more flexibility. A compact solution that has been developed by and for video games.

In addition to its compact design, this Newskill keyboard is characterized by making use of kailh mechanical switches. Specifically, it makes use of Kail Silver, also called Speed. This switch is of the linear type and requires a force of 40g for its activation. It has an actuation distance of 1.1 mm, being very fast.

These switches have RGB lighting independently. In addition, these Kailh switches offer us a life cycle of up to 70 million keystrokes.

As we said, this keyboard is Bluetooth, offering a autonomy higher than 50 hours with lighting off and about 10 hours with the backlight on. We can use it while charging, it is another option that this keyboard offers us. Note that for loading it has a USB-C connectorso we use the cable of any smartphone charger.

An ideal solution for those who are short on space or simply prefer compact keyboards. Also, thanks to the type of switches, we will have a slight advantage in games.

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