Newskill Sobek and Sobek 7.1, analysis: the Ying and Yang

During the last months, we have seen how the Spanish company Newskill carried out a strong expansion and reinforcement of its catalog of peripherals for games, with some announcements among which the arrival of the new Newskill Sobek and Sobek 7.1, two versions of the same headset presented to meet the needs of different players.

So, over the last few weeks we have been able to test both accessories, being able to check the differences and similarities between them, to present this double analysis to you today.

Newskill Sobek and Sobek 7.1 Specifications

Newskill Sobek Newskill Sobek 7.1
Controller 40 millimeters 40 mm and 7.1 virtual audio
Speaker Closed circumaural Closed circumaural
Frequency response 20 to 20,000Hz 20 to 20,000Hz
Impedance 32 Ω 32 Ω
Sensitivity 96 dBSPL / mW (at 1kHz) 96 dBSPL / mW (at 1kHz)
Connectivity 2.4 meter cable with dual jack and USB 2.0 2.4 meter USB-A 2.0 cable
Compatibility PC and Laptops (Windows and Mac), PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One PC and laptops (Windows and Mac), PS4 and PS5
Price From 44.95 euros From 54.95 euros


Newskill Sobek Newskill Sobek 7.1
Element 6 × 2.7 mm condenser 6 × 2.7 mm condenser
Polar pattern Omni-directional Omni-directional
Frequency response 50 to 10,000Hz 50 to 10,000Hz
Sensitivity -42 ± 4 dB (at 1kHz) -42 ± 4 dB (at 1kHz)

Presented under a simple but stylish designThanks to its easily adjustable and fully padded headband, and the careful ear cushions, these headphones are presented under a concept of perfect comfort to adapt to any type of player. And it is that with this combination of materials, and quite light weight, guarantee us great comfort even during the longest gaming sessions.

As the only downside, given the use of non-breathable synthetic material pads, we can find certain discomforts when using them in hotter environments. Although in this aspect they are honestly not very different from any other headset available on the market, we do not stop missing the possibility of acquiring interchangeable fabric pads.

In addition, the Sobek headphones have an additional style detail, also including one of the main hallmarks of every gamer: RGB lighting. Breaking with this minimalist design, we will find an elegant ring of light present in both headphones to match the illumination of the Newskill logo inside.

However, while the Sobek 7.1 will feature further customization through its dedicated softwareIn the case of the base model, we will only have the rainbow breath mode, which will vary little by little between the entire range of colors.

And it is that at an aesthetic level both models are visually identical, only varying with respect to the colors of the white version of its Sobek Ivory variants, such as the one presented in this case by the basic model.

An aesthetic that will in turn hide helmets with a sound quality, equipped with 40-millimeter loudspeakers configured for frequencies up to 20,000 Hz, and a small integrated controller located halfway up the cable, with which we can quickly and easily access the volume and microphone settings.

On the other hand, both helmets come equipped with an omni-directional microphone with noise cancellation and a pop filter, with an easily adaptable format thanks to the use of a flexible giraffe arm, perfect for communication.

However, as we said, the Newskill Sobek arrive in two versions, with a second model that will add the possibility of improving the sound with a virtual 7.1 audio, versus the stereo sound of the base model. In addition, this version 7.1 has an infinity of configurable options through its software, thanks to which we can achieve a more immersive experience for our content.

So, this time we have had a double job, not only testing the headphones individually, but also trying to make a small comparison between them, subjecting them to the same content playback tests. Also, given its cross-platform orientation, we wanted to test the headphones on all supported devices.

For this, we have used both headphones for a few weeks on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5 and PC, as well as on a mobile phone and a tablet, going through all kinds of popular and more demanding titles: games rich in ambient sounds like The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild or God of War; effect-packed soundtracks like Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker; competitive titles such as Valorant or RUST, where the orientation or relative distance from our entire environment takes on special importance; and some popular titles like Clash Royale.

On the other hand, we have taken the opportunity to make use of these headphones for our day to day, from listening to music on Spotify or making work calls through Microsoft Teams, to watching some series and movies on Netflix.

Results on both devices have been really remarkable, of course with a notably higher quality in the Sobek 7.1. In general terms, both headphones have behaved really well at all times, with a really good audio quality, offering a frequency range and a clear sound with which we can easily enjoy any game or multimedia content. And it is that in addition to great coverage for the entire spectrum of tonesThese headphones have good power for their bass, without overdriving.

However, in the case of the Sobek 7.1 we will have the same audio quality for normal use, although without a doubt in when we make use of its virtual 7.1 audio, we see no reason to go back. This audio mode offers a more than notable difference when it comes to playing music and games, being able to easily hear the directionality of sounds. Something that will be translated as a tangible advantage for competitive games and shooters such as Valorant or Call of Duty, which allow us to locate our enemies more easily thanks to the audio.

Another advantage of these headphones is undoubtedly its connectivity, which in addition to offering us a plug-and-play format To be able to play on any device at any time, they offer us multiplatform compatibility thanks to the use of a dual jack connector (with a 3.5 mm adapter) in the Sobek, and a USB-A connector for the Sobek 7.1, which will make them compatible for virtually all platforms, from PC to mobiles and tablets, and even next-generation consoles like the PS5.

MC Good Choice Stamp

Both the Newskill Sobek and its older 7.1 model are presented as really interesting options for players who enjoy playing from any device, without having to invest in more than one accessory. Although without a doubt the advantages of the Sobek 7.1 represent a leap from which we will not want to go back, with virtual surround sound functions worthy of other headphones of higher ranges and prices.

We can already find both Newskill Sobek and Sobek 7.1 available through the brand’s official website (and soon on Amazon and PcComponentes), under prices that will vary between 44.95 and 54.95 euros respectively for each of its versions, both available under the two black and white color options.

In fact, both headphones currently enjoy a small launch discount, with an exclusive discount of 5 euros from the official store.

Final assessment

Design and build quality8

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