Newskill Themis Pro RGB, review: the mousepad with Cordura fabric

On the other hand, in this RGB model that they have sent us, it stands out that the lighting is around the perimeter of the mat; Newskill has placed an RGB controller in the upper left, where we can connect the USB Cable supplied to provide the device with power and thus operate its lighting, which is controlled with a simple button on this controller. We want to denote that we do not understand why all manufacturers place the cable outlet on the left, since for example we have the PC box on the right and this causes the cable to go through the entire table.

Finally, we cannot finish talking about the specifications without mentioning the greatest of the novelties of this product: the Cordura fabric. This material is used in motorcycling or skiing because it has a extreme resistance friction and abrasion, and although like Egyptian cotton sheets their resistance depends on the number of fibers per square centimeter and Newskill does not indicate it, this guarantees excellent durability and, in addition, that the mat is waterproof (at least for the part above).

Unboxing and external analysis

The Newskill Themis Pro RGB is packed in a large soft cardboard box, as we remember that we are dealing with the largest model of the family. Obviously the mat is rolled up inside due to the shape of the packaging, in which we find several creatives, the size of the mat, and the fact that it is made of Cordura with both the original logo and a « window »through which we can touch the product without removing it from the box.

The rest of the sides of the packaging are full of creatives, in some indicating the available sizes, in others the characteristics, but in all denoting the name of the product model, the Cordura logo, and the Newskill logo. By the way, each face of the packaging has a predominant color, as if telling us that we are dealing with an RGB product.

Newskill Themis Pro RGB box

The outer box is opened from one of the sides, and from this we take out a box without a roof in which we already find the mat rolled up inside.

Newskill Themis Pro RGB

As accessories, in this case we only have the connection cable, with a USB-C connector on one side (the one that goes to the mat) and USB-A on the opposite (the part that goes to the PC). The cable is 1.8 meters long and is braided with nylon thread for good wear resistance.

USB Cable

We are going to start by looking at the mat in parts, since as you will suppose it is very, very large in terms of its extension, since it measures almost a meter. In the lower left corner, the Newskill logo stands out, and it is the only thing that we will find on the mat since the rest of the surface is black.

Newskill Themis Pro RGB

In the upper left area we find, as we mentioned a while ago, the RGB controller which is where the strip that surrounds the entire perimeter comes from, where we have the control button, and where we will connect the USB cable.

On the right side we have a small label with the Cordura logo so that it is clear to us that we are dealing with a product with original Cordura fabric.


As you may have already noticed, the surface is highly textured by those intertwined Cordura threads. We can also see the almost transparent RGB light bar around the perimeter and sewn to the edges of the mat, something that is best seen in the corners.

Newskill Themis Pro RGB

Of course, the lower area of ​​the mat is made of natural rubber, an anti-slip material that will help the mat not move from its place during use.

Of course, we must show you what the mat looks like in its entire size, and as you can see it almost comes off the table where we take the photos for the analysis of how long it is.

Newskill Themis Pro RGB

Finally, we want to show you a couple of additional images in which you can see the surface of the Newskill Themis Pro RGB right next to some motorcycle pants, also made with original Cordura fabric.


We have put a lot of direct lighting on the images so that the texture of both fabrics can be clearly appreciated.


As you can see, the texture of the fabric of the motorcycle pants is larger, which means that they have used an interlacing of fewer threads than in the Newskill mat. This is an advantage since, in the case of a mousepad, we are not interested in having a texture that is too large, it is preferable that it be fine for a better sliding of the mouse.

How does the Newskill Themis Pro RGB work?

The operation of this mat is completely Plug & Play, so you do not need to install any software to make its RGB lighting work. Just by connecting the USB-C cable to the mat and the USB-A end to the PC (or actually any USB supplying power) the lighting will start working without a hitch.

Newskill Themis Pro RGB

Initially, the RGB lighting of the mat works in “Rainbow” mode, changing the color gradually and continuously around the entire perimeter of the mat; If you want to change it, you will only have to press the only button that is located on the controller and you will be able to see the different effects and colors that it is capable of displaying.

In the gallery above you have some examples. We suppose that in the near future Newskill will launch a configuration software (in fact on their website they say that we will be able to control the lighting using software, and yet we have not found where to download it from).

Performance, is it better than a normal mouse pad?

As expected from its technical specifications, this Newskill Themis Pro RGB is very comfortable due to its considerable thickness, since that padding on the wrist is very welcome after long sessions of play or work. Its huge surface makes you need, yes, a table of considerable dimensions where to put it, and logically it is designed so that in addition to the mouse you can place the keyboard on top, so this comfort thanks to its padding also applies to the hand opposite to that of the mouse.

RGB lighting, as we have seen in the previous section, is correct, although we do have to say that it is noticeable that it loses some intensity as it moves away from the RGB controller. It makes sense, since the USB port only provides 5V of power and the LED strip is in total more than 2.7 meters long to cover the entire perimeter.

Newskill Themis sizes

In use, we have already commented that the mouse pad is very comfortable, and also the mouse glides on its surface without any difficulty, since in fact Cordura is designed not only to resist wear and abrasion, but also to slip (when a motorist falls to the ground, the idea is that the Cordura helps it slide on the asphalt and that the fabric resists abrasion to prevent the body from being burned by friction).

Of course, we also have to say the bad part of this and that is that although Newskill has used a Cordura fabric with many fibers, it is somewhat noisy compared to conventional fabric mats. It is not something that is noticeable in normal use unless you bring your ear to the mouse while moving it, that is, it is not really noticeable unless you are in absolute silence, but it is something that must be discussed to be faithful to the truth .

Conclusion, is it worth it?

With the introduction of the first family of gaming mats equipped with Cordura fabric on their surface, Newskill has managed to innovate in a market that is full of models of all kinds, standing out above all others. In addition to this, it provides this new technology in two different sizes and being able to choose if we want it with or without RGB lighting, so users will undoubtedly be able to find the model that best suits their needs without any difficulty.

Newskill Themis Pro RGB

In short, we have a mat that technically should last us a lifetime if we have a minimum of care, since the surface will hardly wear anything with use and, furthermore, as it is waterproof, it will not accumulate dirt and it will be very easy to clean. Therefore, we consider that it is a product that stands out above the competition and that is worth buying, since the investment of money does not mean anything if you take into account the life time that it will last (before you will change the mat because you get bored with it than because it is too worn).

Currently, you can find Newskill’s Themis Pro family of floor mats in the manufacturer’s online store at a price ranging from 19.95 Euros in the cheapest model (the Themis Pro L without RGB) to 49.95 Euros in the more expensive (the model we have analyzed, XL and with RGB).

For all that said, we think this Newskill Themis Pro RGB deserves our Platinum accolade and, in fact, we think it’s one of the best mousepads you can buy today. That’s why we also give you our awards for performance and design.

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