Nexo Interiores: sustainable decoration that is built on HP Latex technology

How to have maximum design and elegance when decorating without losing sight of sustainability? Can you take care of the environment putting our house or favorite space ready? Nexo Interiores is convinced that it is possible, making decoration, in addition to an art, a sustainable trend to take care of the planet, while we “dress” it with the most original and special designs. This new Spanish company has created a new concept based on the DIY (Do It Yourself) being the user himself who can install the decoration in a simple, fast way and without the need to do any work. Likewise, he focuses his designs on trompe-l’oeil or trompe l’oeil, a technique that gives soul, authenticity and hyper-realism to the final result.

On its way to sustainable decoration, Nexo Interiores has decided to integrate HP signature technology with the aim of working on the digital prints of your projects with HP printers and the new inks HP Latex, Composed of 65% water, which means that their drying does not require special ventilation. This, far from the result offered by other brands, whose inks are made up of 80% of a volatile organic compound also classified as a pollutant, makes Nexo Interiors prints with HP Latex technology contribute more to caring for the environment.

Nexo Interiores has a solid commitment to sustainability, being one of our main strategic axes. At Nexo Interiores we use new technologies and professional products and put them in the hands of the user, offering innovative solutions and designs with soul, authenticity and hyper-realism full of elegance to make any space the desired place, always with the best materials that adapt to the characteristics of any space”, says Erick Magnier, founder of Nexo Interiores.

The company thus demonstrates the commitment that it has maintained since its origins, both with the user and with care for the planet and innovation, thanks to its printing methods carried out using ecological processes, involving machinery with Greenguard certification with low polluting emissions, which reduce their impact on the environment.

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The role of Nexo Interiores is, therefore, to help the end customer to meet your dream of decorating your house in the best way, taking maximum care of the details and bringing to your walls the memories of the most special trip of their lives by the hand of designs based on the trompe l’oeil effect, full of soul and elegance. This is the case of the Portugal collection, which tile lovers from the neighboring country will fall in love with.

For its part, the Essentials collection includes options to suit everyonefrom bamboo wallpaper or floors that imitate marble with great realism, thanks to the trompe l’oeil technique. The end customer, with the help of Nexo Interiores, has in his hands the possibility of making his house the space he has always wanted, thanks, in addition to his creations, to his simple and quick installation method. .

Our objective is to guarantee our clients that they will be able to decorate their spaces with their own hands thanks to the most exclusive and elegant designs, but also letting them know that they are contributing to caring for the environment by using non-harmful techniques. For Nexo Interiores, personality and satisfaction in terms of interior design must necessarily go hand in hand with sustainability and care for the planet”, concludes Erick Magnier, founder of Nexo Interiores.

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