NFTespaña, the startup that sells NFTs in euros and Spanish

NFTespaña is the first Spanish-speaking company that allows the purchase of fashionable digital goods (NFTs) without using cryptocurrencies. In this way, the purchase of NFTs will be more accessible to the general public. The startup seeks to translate the language of the blockchain into a known language, making it easier to understand this new world.

On the other hand, NFTespaña will allow you to execute the transaction with a credit or debit card. One of the main handicaps that existed when buying an NFT It was the form of payment. In general, they are bought in cryptocurrencies, but this company has reinvented this model to be able to do it through euros as well.

The company will have collections of NFTs from verified artists in which NFTs from art, sports, events, fashion, gamers, gastronomy or music will be found.

The first collection of NFTespaña comes from the hand of the artist Maria Emege, highly recognized in the sector. The collection is made up of 333 NFTs. These NFTs are the CLUB NFTespaña ambassador cards, which provide unique benefits such as VIP access to Discord, presales and discounts or priority technical support. In addition, they will increase as the adoption of NFTs progresses in Spain.

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NFTespaña arrives to give professional NFT support and will guide its users in all aspects related to their NFT cart, such as their business strategy or legal and tax advice. Those of this first collection are divided into diamond cards (33), gold (100) and silver (200), which will be assigned randomly and their sale price will be €49.

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