NFTs and cryptocurrency inspired by the slap of Will Smith are already on sale and generating 1.7 million euros

Only a few hours after the event, tokens and NFTs bearing the image of Will Smith’s slap appeared on the web. Their success was immediate, as currently the NFT Slap DAO has generated around €36,000, while the Will Smith Inu token has generated around €1.7 million in transactions. Nevertheless, we advise you not to invest: the bellows should fall very soon.

will smith slap

It didn’t take long — which was pretty predictable — before the internet took to Will Smith’s slap in the face of Chris Rock. When we woke up yesterday morning, the web was already overwhelmed with memes that continued to amuse social networks throughout the day. And, of course, crypto-enthusiasts saw this as a great opportunity to make money. This is how “Will Smith Slap DAO” and “Will Smith Inu” were born, respectively a collection of NFTs and a token dedicated to the event.

Here again, as one might expect, several Internet users let themselves be carried away by the general amazement to invest. Thus, we recorded a transaction volume equivalent to 1.7 million euros concerning the Will Smith Inu. The NFT Slap DAO, on the other hand, sold 13.3 Ether, or around 36,000 euros according to the current price, in less than 24 hours. The collection includes various photos of the slap, taken from different angles, emblazoned with slogans relating to the world of crypto.

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Don’t invest in Will Smith crypto, the craze will pass

This is not the first time that a rather wacky token has emerged. How not to think of Dogecoin, Elon Musk’s favorite cryptocurrency, which pays homage to one of the most popular memes in Internet history. The billionaire, moreover, himself inspired another cryptocurrency, called EdgeLon, simply by changing his name on Twitter. And this for a very simple reason: anyone can create their own currency in just a few minutes.

Ethereum, for example, offers a tool to create secondary tokens, although these initially have very little value. In addition, pop culture has often inspired the creators of cryptocurrencies. In 2014 in particular, the “Coinye West”, bearing the image of rapper Kanye West, appeared on the Internet. But these jokes are just that. Very often, they fall into oblivion after a few days.

Source: CoinDesk

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