NFTs are dead: this would be their only salvation

The NFT bubble has burst. This is something that we all knew was going to happen, but which, as with all bubbles, has caused people to lose thousands of euros. And it is that the purchase of blockchain monkeys has happened, in just 6 months, from generating 12,000 million in revenue to less than 1,000 million. Did we really believe that a JPEG of a drugged monkey for thousands of euros, in a few months, was going to be worth a hundred times more? At this rate, by the end of the year the NFTs will have disappeared. Unless you bet on the only way out where they might make any sense.

The first thing we must be clear about is that, for something to make sense, it must be useful. And, unlike a painting or a work of art, which can be, a simple computer generated image is not. We can use it to position ourselves on social networks, but for absolutely nothing else. And, once a photo is shared online, a simple screenshot allows anyone to have it in their possession.

The craziest attempts to sell NFTs are taking place. Even this week there have been attempts to sell a Corvette NFT, which included an actual Chevrolet for free (see the irony of selling an intangible NFT alongside a tangible item). And yet, not a single person has been interested.

However, as NFTs plummet further and further, and people realize that they have lost their money, just as if they bought cryptocurrencies back in the day, there may indeed be a small gap for these types of non-fungible tokens: video game.

An NFT in a video game: absurd, but with sense

The objective of an NFT is that it be something unique, that its owner can use it, boast about it, and that, in addition, if he wants, he can transfer his ownership. This concept fits perfectly with the theme of the aesthetic aspects of video games.

If a developer of an online game, such as Fortnite, or WoW, decides to include NFT in their games, users will be able to purchase unique items, of which there will only be a single unit in the history of the video game, and you can use it to show it off in front of other players. For example, in a game where all characters are bald, an NFT could be a red mane. When equipped, all players will see that player sporting a unique mane. And, in addition, they will not be able to buy another one like it, because it is unique.

In this way, it would only affect the aesthetics of the game, but it would not harm the gaming experience by not giving that player any advantage over the others. The item could be tied to the account, and the account owner could even use the item in other company games. And, when he gets tired of it, he could sell it so that another player could use it. But always, there being a single unit.

If NFTs do not take this path, the near future will not hold anything good for them.

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