NFTs come to Samsung Smart TVs

Until now, you could only view your collections of non-fungible tokens on your mobile or on your computer screen. Samsung has taken note of this, and joins the bandwagon of the adoption of NFTs with a platform that until now we have not seen. It’s about a browser built into your new smart TVs designed to display such unique collectibles.

The NFTs arrive to the new Samsung televisions this 2022

The demand for NFTs does not stop growing, and Samsung already has its answer with your own app that will be integrated into your new 2022 Smart TV models. The new Samsung Micro LED, Neo QLED TVs and special models like The Frame will come with the app “NFT Aggregation Platform”, an application linked to a Online store where can we view the works in NFT format that we have in our possession and even add them to our own collection.

The app, in turn, will provide users with all the necessary information about NFTs. This means that buyers of non-fungible tokens will have it very easy to see the history of transactions that the product has had, showing all the information that has been registered in the blockchain since it was done minting of the token up to the present time.

As if that were not enough, Samsung ensures that its televisions will take advantage of all the artificial intelligence integrated into your devices to calibrate the screen according to the NFT that we visualize. This function is related to Smart Calibration, another of the unique features that are included in the latest version of Smart Hub, which is the set of programs and functions that we are going to see in Samsung televisions that will be launched on the market during this 2022. This system should be similar to the one Netflix Calibrated Mode, present on Sony and Panasonic screens, but this time, destined for the growing world of NFTs.

What other uses does this Samsung NFT platform have?

samsung the frame nft

Now that a brand with a reputation like Samsung makes a bet so clear and safe with the NFT, your application is probably not just an image viewer, and they have something even more promising in store.

In the Press release in which this information has been made public, Samsung has only dealt with this issue far above. We will have to wait for the televisions to show live to see all the potential of these new NFT tools that are emerging. What they do guarantee us from the outset is that not only will we be able to view and discover NFT works through Samsung televisions, but we will also be able to buy and sell tokens, which indicates that this new application will also function as a marketplace, which would give a new push to the NFT market, which does not look like going back this year, despite the enormous increase it had in 2021. At the moment, the app will be available on Micro Led, Neo QLED and The Frame televisions.

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