Nice launches its tubular motor powered by solar energy

The company specializing in smart home, home automation and security solutions, Nice, has recently presented Next Fit M Solar Kit. It is the only model of the new Nice Next series of tubular motor for vertical blinds and shutters powered by solar energy and with electronic limit switch and integrated radio receiver.

Like the rest of the Next series, which will be launched this year, this engine blends technology, innovation, quality and design to improve the control and management of light in homes, efficiently and responsibly. Furthermore, Spain is one of the first markets where the Next Fit Solar Kit is available.

According to the European Solar-Shading Organization (ES-SO European Solar-Shading Organization) heating and cooling account for 80% of energy consumption in residential buildings. Therefore, adequate sun protection limits carbon emissions and generates a energy saving quantifiable in approximately sixty times its CO2 footprint over its twenty years of life.

For this reason, Nice offers its solar protection systems, which improve the comfort of the home and guarantee intelligent and efficient management of sunlight and internal temperature. In winter they enhance thermal resistance and in summer they control overheating, reducing the demand for cooling.

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Although Next Fit M Solar is powered by solar energy, its design guarantees operation in any season, since it also allows charging via USB type C. In addition, like the rest of the Next series, it has a motor that reduces energy consumption by up to 35% compared to analog engines.

Most advanced electronics

Like all Next Star and Next Fit models, it has been developed according to Nice quality standards, using the most advanced electronics capable of providing a guarantee of up to five years. your technology Soft Start-Stop It guarantees total silence during its operation since it automatically reduces the speed in the vicinity of the limit switches, and regulates the speed to a minimum of 6rpm.

In terms of connectivity, these motors have the Nice bidirectional radio communication protocol integrated, compatible with all Nice Gateways. If it is connected to the Yubii Home Gateway, it can be integrated with more than 3,000 third-party Z-Wave devices and allows management with voice assistants, thanks to its BiDi-ZWaze technology. In addition, this series is also programmable via TTPRO BD and features active bidirectional function for Nice Era P series transmitters (P1SBDR01, P6SBDR01, P6SVBDR01).

In order to facilitate maintenance work and replacement of previous applications, the Nice Next series includes star head, a motor head compatible with star-shaped mounts. The entire Next series includes pre-assembled brackets and plug-in cable (Nice patented) ready for immediate use after installation. In addition, it has a maximum continuous operating time of 10 minutes before the activation of the thermal protection, also facilitating its installation..

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