Nike Has Some New Air Jordan x Naruto Shoes You’re Going To Want

Zion Williamson x Naruto x Air Jordan 37 Shoes "Rasengan" with the Naruto logo

The collection of sneakers inspired by Naruto by Nike They have been sufficiently well received for the company to decide to bet on the franchise again. Its most successful range, Air Jordan, will thus receive a new design with the stamp of zion williamsonNBA player and declared fan of the anime world, who will not go unnoticed on anyone’s feet.

Nike’s “Rasengan”

The American sneaker firm has a catalog that grows practically every day. There is always a new collection or edition to be launched and thousands of fans wanting it to be so to leave the ground. It is the magic of the sneaker world. So much so that Nike does not miss an opportunity, even more so if it has zion williamson on his team to hype up a new model.

The NBA player, declared an anime fan, has thus collaborated with the company to design a new Air Jordan 37 inspired by Naruto. They receive the “code” name of Rasengan -yes, the ninja technique- and to honor this, they are blue, the same tone as the chakra ball that is released from the palm of the hands to attack the enemy.

Zion Williamson x Naruto x Air Jordan 37 Shoes "Rasengan"

We have details in yellow in the upper area of ​​the tongue, metal plates on the front and even the inscription “¡だってばよ!” (Naruto’s catchphrase, which has always been translated as “Believe it!” in the English dub or “Wow yes » in Spain) on the inside of the shoes. As for the rest of the design, it respects that blocky line typical of the Air Jordan 37 – without forgetting the logo on the sole, of course.

Zion Williamson x Naruto x Air Jordan 37 Shoes "Rasengan"

The opinions on the design it is not long in coming: some are already looking forward to getting them while others consider that this time there is “too much blue” in the set and have not been very enthusiastic. As always, and more in a piece of clothing, it is a matter of taste.

Price and availability

At the moment we do not have an official price for the new shoes, but we imagine that their label will be similar to that of other previous models in the range, around 130 euros.

At least, yes, we know a release date and it is not far away. will be next February 20th -in just 2 weeks- when the Rasengan will be available in selected Nike stores -we imagine that they will also appear on the web, although we have no confirmation.

Zion Williamson x Naruto x Air Jordan 37 Shoes "Rasengan"

As is usual with this type of release, it is very likely that they will sell out as soon as they are released. sale, passing some directly to resale. The best thing, therefore, is that you be attentive and write down the date so that they do not escape you.

[Imagen portada vía House of Heat]

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