Nintendo 64 classics are reinvented with these ROM hacks

What is a rom hack

The rom hack are modified versions of the rom file that is obtained by managing to extract the original version of a game that is originally in physical format, either a cartridge or CD.

That is, if a rom is nothing other than the digital version of a game that is stored in a physical format, the rom hack is to take that file and modify it so that it looks different. For example, changing the main character for another or adding elements from other titles.

A kind of mod like the ones you could use with your PC right now in games like The Sims, GTA V, etc.

Best Nintendo 64 Modified ROMs

If you start looking you will find many modified roms, but it is clear that Nintendo’s ones tend to attract much more attention. After all, there are many of us who have grown up with Nintendo consoles mainly. For example, with laptops such as the Game Boy, Nintendo DS, or table type NES, Super Nintendo or Nintendo 64 among others.

Well, from Nintendo 64 there are some very striking modifications that you may very well like to know. Here are some of the ones you should not miss as a fan of retro games and the Nintendo console.

The Legend of Zelda: Waluigi’s Time

As you can imagine, Link is replaced by Waluigi here. The antonym of Luigi is here the protagonist of an adventure that just by modifying the protagonist already changes and feels different.

Goldeneye: Peach’s castle

One of the most popular Nintendo 64 games crosses the road with Princess Peach’s castle from Super Mario. So imagine the result of such a merger. A very strange game because of how shocking it can be to see attitudes that you are not used to.

Super Mario 64: The Missing Stars

It is not a modified version that is going to offer you hours and hours of fun, because the objective is met quickly. However, it is more than likely that you like to play it over and over again.

Super Donkey Kong 64

Here again, two classic games and their mythical characters intersect: Super Mario and Donkey Kong. the result, as a renewed version of Super Mario 64 where you can play with the best-known gorilla.

Super Mario 64: Sonic Edition

Okay, Super Mario 64 looks like the most hacked or modified Nintendo 64 video game. Here the protagonist becomes Sonic and that shocks even more than any other. Because the star character of Sega we are used to seeing him at full speed and yet here he will have more than jumping from platform to platform, etc.

Ocarina of Time: Four Swords

This modification of Ocarina of Time allows four players, each with their own rom running on their computer, to enjoy the best Zelda adventures together.

The Legend Of Banjo Kazooie: The Jiggies Of Time

Banjo-Kazooie and Ocarina of Time intersect in this rom hack that for some is one of the most interesting. Something that will depend on how well you know and have enjoyed Banjo-Kazooie, but if you are a fan, you will surely like it too.

Discovering more rom hacks

The Nintendo 64 rom hack are some of the most striking, but there are many more. You just have to do a simple search and you will see that many web pages appear from which to download them.

You are going to discover a good number of modified retro games that will make you see everything in a different way. They sure surprise you.

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