Nintendo calls the situation at Activision Blizzard “distressing and disturbing”

After the first statements from Sony and Microsoft, it is now Nintendo who joins to publicly express their rejection of the current employment situation of Activision Blizzard and its improvable handling of accusations and actions of sexual harassment in the workplace, known to its president Bobby Kotick.

In an internal company email obtained and shared by Fanbyte, the current Nintendo of America division president, Doug bowser, stated that he was distressed by the allegations detailed in The Journal investigation: ‘Along with all of you, I have been following the latest developments with Activision Blizzard and the ongoing reports of sexual harassment and toxicity at the company. I find these accusations heartbreaking and disturbing. They are against my values, as well as Nintendo’s beliefs, values ​​and policies«.

Additionally, Bowser notes that he has been in contact with Activision and is in the process of accessing possible “actions”. Although unfortunately, what these actions may imply is not reflected in this letter.

What he does mention is that Nintendo is working with the Entertainment Software Association, a lobby group representing both Nintendo and Activision, to strengthen your stance on harassment and abuse in the workplace, with a clear message: «All companies in the industry must create an environment where everyone is respected and treated as equals, and where everyone understands the consequences of not doing so«.

As we said, although Nintendo has opted for an apparently less active critical position, more and more fingers are pointing to Activision Blizzard from inside and outside the company, and although it continues to defend him, everything indicates that the Kotick time as the maximum position is something increasingly shorter. And it is that the still growing requests of almost 2,000 employees, now adds a downward trend in the value of the company on the stock market.

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