Nintendo confirms chip shortage affects new hardware development

The semiconductor shortage has become one of the issues of the moment, and its scope is so great that there is practically no company within the technology sector that has not been affected by this problem, either directly or indirectly. Nintendo has been one of the last to speak on the subject, and their statements are very interesting.

First, due to chip shortages, Nintendo has had to reduce sales forecasts from your Nintendo Switch console because you will not receive the components you need to make the intended units. It is very simple and easy to understand, you cannot sell 30 million consoles if in the end you have only been able to manufacture 24 million.

The Japanese company has also commented, on this issue, that they are trying looking for replacement components, and making adjustments and changes at the design level with those that can solve or reduce, even partially, the impact of the shortage of semiconductors. He has not specified anything specific, so we will have to wait for them to decide to offer more information, since it is too generic a comment.

This problem, that of the shortage of semiconductors, is not only not softening, but at times it seems to be increasing. The great figures of the industry have already warned, the rest of the year is going to be complicated, and the situation won’t really get better in 2022, so we will not be able to talk about a real recovery until 2023, and it is a date that I would not dare to sign as safe, if I tell you the truth.

On the other hand, and this is probably Nintendo’s most important comment, the Japanese company also said that the shortage of chips is affecting the development of new hardware, and declined to comment on its upcoming console.

I get the impression that the big N had other plans than the ones we have seen, that is, that Nintendo Switch OLED has been somewhat improvised to fill the gap that would remain until the company could complete the development of its new generation console, because this would have been delayed by the current situation in the technology sector, both due to the shortage of semiconductors and other key components .

Given that the Nintendo Switch OLED hit the market last October, it is reasonable to think that we will not see a new console from the big N for at least one or two years.

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