Nintendo has sold more than 77 million Amiibo dolls (and you have one for sure)

If there is a company specialized in making millionaire plays, that is none other than Nintendo. And if not, take a look at their NFC figurines, the famous Amiibo, which have crept into almost every home in the world. And there is no Nintendo Direct that does not bring news of the dolls, it must be for a reason. Do you think few are sold? Are supermarkets full of forgotten figures? You’re wrong.

A doll with a Nintendo soul

When Nintendo released Amiibos in 2014, the reaction of many users was what the hell is Nintendo doing by releasing figurines for children. Sure, the company had a history in toys and playing cards for casinos, but launching dolls for 5-year-olds was a bit strange. Poor devil.

These figures quickly fell in love with all those who had the slightest interest in the big N, since with designs as original as they were adorable they gradually enlarged the collection as if it were the poster of Super Smash Bros participants.

An endless catalog

The number of Amiibos that exist today is practically impossible to know, but surely more than one fan is capable of reciting them from memory. They have released Mario, Zelda, Pokémon Amiibos, special editions of collaborations with other video games and IPs, and even models that have ended up becoming treasures that almost responded to search and seizure orders.

That desire and that unconditional love for dolls has created collectors who do not allow a model to slip out of their hands, and of course, all that maelstrom of fanaticism has created a sales monster that some may still not understand.

77 million


Thanks to the quarterly results of the company, we now know that Nintendo has distributed no less than 77 million NFC figures all over the planet, and although they are not all that populate homes, you will be able to get a slight idea of ​​what the phenomenon means right now.

Each new game of major titles like Super Mario or Zelda is accompanied by parallel releases of related Amiibos, so there is a vicious circle that only Nintendo can understand. And they are true geniuses when it comes to creating sales.

How many amiibo do you have?

If you have a Nintendo Switch, you most likely have an Amiibo at home. The NFC doll is used to unlock features in many compatible games, so in addition to decorating your geek shelf, it adds a little something extra to Nintendo games that accept this feature.

To this we must add that the design owned by Nintendo means that no other brand can have figures of its charismatic characters, so a perfect combo is created in which users feel satisfied, and Nintendo continues to fill its coffers without stopping. . Because it would be easy to imagine that the cost of creating these figures is really low, don’t you think?

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