Nintendo pulls out the bazooka and files 1,300 complaints against a YouTube channel

A Youtube channel that broadcasts music from Nintendo games has been attacked by the Japanese company. Thus, nearly 1,300 complaints have been filed, and as many videos deleted.

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Nintendo and copyright is a long love story. The latest development concerns the Youtube channel of GilvaSunner, which brings together many music from the games of the Kyoto firm. The latter tackled his case, filing nearly 1,300 complaints in one night.

For Nintendo fans, there is no way to listen to music from their favorite games using official channels. The Japanese firm does not broadcast them, either on Youtube or on streaming services like Spotify. So some fans decide to do the job themselves… which Nintendo strongly dislikes.

Nintendo attacks a fan chain

GilvaSunner indeed maintains a Youtube channel on which it brings together all the music from the studio’s games. Important clarification: it does not monetize these videos, since it seeks above all to please the community of fans.

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But that, Nintendo does not admit. On Twitter, the fan indeed indicated that the brand had released the heavy artillery and had made 1,300 requests to Youtube to remove content that belonged to him. Thus, the music of Zelda, Smash Bros and certain Mario games have disappeared from his channel. Note that the latter still exists, still housing many pieces of music. Nintendo therefore attacked the content and not the channel itself (which could thus have disappeared).

She is totally in its right by requesting the removal of these videos. GilvaSunner had already been targeted a year ago and explained that he was not angry with the company. However, he expressed his disappointment at the lack of alternatives offered. Today, only fans allow other fans to listen to game music and Nintendo only hinders them.

Anyway, GilvaSunner is not going to give up. We can also count on Nintendo to continue to protect its licenses. Moreover, not long ago, it was a parody of the last Pokémon that was in its sights.

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