Nintendo raises the salaries of its employees in Japan because “it is important to retain talent”

That Nintendo has decided raise the base salary of its workers in Japan When other technology companies are immersed, as we know, in large global layoff campaigns, it is something that undoubtedly deserves a little analysis.

The Japanese giant has been going free in the video game sector, and playing their cards without being carried away or influenced by what their direct rivals do. This has given it great joys, like Wii and Nintendo Switch, but also great disappointments, like Wii U.

In fairness, it is important to recognize that it is impossible to always do things right, and even more so when you focus your strategy on try to innovate to differentiate yourself from your direct rivals. With this in mind, it’s clear that Nintendo’s releases in the last 20 years have a lot of merit.

The fact is that things are going very well with Nintendo Switch. This console has become the best-selling console of its generation, surpassing PS4 and PS4 Pro despite having been on the market for less time, and is currently the third best-selling console in history. With this on the table, it’s understandable that the big N is more receptive to incentivizing its workers and “retaining talent,” at least in Japan.

Nintendo wants to insure its workforce, but according to Reuters the Japanese firm would also have been “motivated” by the statements of the Japanese Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, who recently asked companies in the country to raise the salary to workers to offset rising inflation in Japan.

In all, Nintendo has raised the base salary of its workers in Japan by 10%, a movement that, as we have said, does not fit with the current trend in the sector, and that leaves the big N swimming “against the current”. Other companies, such as Capcom, have already announced that they have planned raise the salary of its Japanese employees by 30% as a reward for posting its fifth year of record profits.

That Japanese companies recognize the importance of human talent in this way is a lesson for the Western world, and even more so with these times. The president of Nintendo has also recently confirmed that They don’t plan to raise the price. of the games or their consoles in Japan, but that they do not rule out doing so at some point if circumstances force them to do so.

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