Nintendo Switch 2 aims to be just an evolution of the original console

In recent weeks various rumors have appeared about the future Nintendo Switch 2 (or at least a future-generation console with a continuity profile), however, Jeff Grubb, an industry expert, has come out to say that the Big N of video games does have a plan on the table, but that this might not be a Switch Pro or a Switch 2, but something more conservative compared to the current product.

In order not to beat around the bush, we are going to put what Jeff Grubb has said about the possible future Nintendo console: “Maybe something in between that is definitely like a real update in terms of hardware, but under the terms in which Nintendo positions it, It looks like they could cross the line a little bit and make it like a Super Switch that would continue the generation, in a more significant way than they’ve done since the Game Boy Color.”

In short, that the next Nintendo console would be limited to improving what is offered by the current one without introducing anything revolutionary. We’ll see what that translates into when the product is officially announced, but the lack of risk, innovation and news could be something that plays against the Japanese video game giant, and on top of that, it could repeat past mistakes. If these forecasts come true, we may not see the DLSS incorporated into the Switch renewal, a technology that could contribute a lot.

Is Nintendo repeating the mistakes of Wii and Wii U?

Nintendo Switch has been a success on the part of the company, and not only for its commercial success, but also for the fact that it focuses all its efforts on a single line of consoles. Although Switch is classified as a hybrid console, we must not forget that it has the same architecture as a mobile or at least a very similar one, so it can be said that Nintendo abandoned the desktop console market in favor of portable ones.

However, when an idea works for Nintendo, it sometimes squeezes it until it is completely exhausted and by the time it reacts it is too late to re-engage. That was the case with the Wii U, which appeared years after the idea of ​​the original Wii began to show clear signs of exhaustion. It is true that the lousy marketing of Wii U did not help either, but precisely that lousy marketing made people perceive it as a Wii complement instead of a new console, that is, that people saw it as “more of the same”. and partly for this reason it did not generate interest.

Of course, not all of it is bad news when it comes to having a very continuous line, since that should ensure backwards compatibility with the original Switch. Everything seems to indicate that the best thing Nintendo can do is to maintain the same path, but the lack of revolution should not be confused with a lack of evolution, especially seeing the potential of DLSS.

As long as the product is not officially presented, it is prudent to take the information that appears with a grain of salt.

NOTICE: The images are not of the future console.

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