Nintendo Switch 2 aims to see the light in 2024

Analyst Piers Harding-Rolls has forecast for for the existence of Nintendo Switch 2 by 2024. What would be the next console of the Great N of video games has been tumbling for years with expectations that aim to be high, and that is that, although the original model is a very good idea and concept, it is no less true that using logic one can see the points in which there is room for improvement.

The last thing we reported on this topic was the alleged internal cancellation of the Nintendo Switch Pro, and it is that the turbulent context in which we live and inflation have made launching new products in 2023 an unappealing idea. In fact, Intel would have considered canceling the launch of Meteor Lake processors aimed at home environments and replacing them with a Raptor Lake soda, and that is that the latest data on hardware shipments indicate a sharp drop and that 2023 has many options the worst year in history.

Going back to the point, Piers Harding-Rolls has said that “We do not expect a next-generation Nintendo console in 2023: we have 2024 in our forecasts”. This person already predicted that PlayStation 5 would outsell Xbox Series, something that at the time sounded daring because Microsoft had apparently played its cards better. He also stated at the time that there would be no Nintendo Switch Pro in 2022, which has ended up happening. Without taking anyone for a prophet, Harding-Rolls seems to have good information and an eye. On the other hand, the appearance of the presumed Nintendo Switch 2 by 2024 may be an indication that the sector is more optimistic for next year.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

We will see what Nintendo shows with the Switch 2. If the company decides to continue betting on NVIDIA at the processor level, it is obvious that the inclusion of DLSS would be a great value for the consolemore seeing that the green giant’s supersampling technology has proven to be able to vastly improve performance while paving the way to support higher resolutions.

On the other hand, we have the issue of the Joy-Con, whose fragility could cost Nintendo a good sanction if more studies continue to appear that point out the bad design of the controls. sticks analog as the source of the problem. And to say that it is not difficult to find Game Cube controllers that work perfectly two decades later. Nintendo, who saw you and who sees you.

We’ll see if Piers Harding-Rolls’ forecast comes true or not, although seeing that the original Nintendo Switch was released in 2017, everything seems to indicate that the successful console will soon need a deep renovation to keep up commercially with to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, products with which it does not compete directly.

NOTICE: The images correspond to the original 2017 model.

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