Nintendo Switch 4K, OLED, SoC, games, what about truth and lies?

Everything about the supposed Nintendo Switch 4K portable console is turning into a real soap opera. Its existence has already been rumored for months, and Nintendo surprised with the presentation of a model with an OLED screen (which will go on sale on October 8) but that maintains the resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels of the previous model, and without hints of a 4K model on the horizon.

Is there a development kit for the Switch 4K?

OLED switch

Most users were surprised (and disappointed) when Nintendo announced the new model of its portable console, the Nintendo Switch, now with a larger screen powered by OLED technology for better color reproduction and more brightness and contrast, although with a higher price than the first model of the console. The fact that the Switch lacks a fundamental characteristic compared to its rivals, the 4K resolution, is giving the Japanese company a fairly considerable competitive disadvantage.

According to information published by Bloomberg, up to 11 video game companies They already have in their possession a supposed development kit for 4K resolution, and although they have said that they are companies from all over the world and from all categories, they have even given their own name: Zynga Inc., responsible for games like Farmville.

Nintendo denies there is a 4K Switch

On its official Twitter account, Nintendo has issued a statement flatly denying this information, and even literally say that it is false: «A report falsely claims that Nintendo is providing a development kit for Nintendo Switch with 4K support«. A curious fact is that the second part of this message reads “We also want to reaffirm that, as we said in July, we do not have plans for any other model apart from the Nintendo Switch OLED that will be launched on October 8.”

Even before issuing this statement, Bloomberg updated its own report stating that a Nintendo spokesperson contacted them and that they called the published information “inaccurate”, but they have not indicated which of the published data is not accurate. It must be remembered that, even before the announcement of the OLED model of the console, this media already leaked such information, ensuring that the next Japanese console would not only have an OLED screen (which has turned out to be true), but would also have output for 4K resolution (they were wrong on this).

Not having support for 4K resolution, is it hurting Nintendo?

Nintendo switch

It is a fact, and this is reflected in the source, that since Nintendo announced the launch of the OLED Switch (when everyone expected the long-awaited 4K model) the company’s shares fell almost 20%, among other reasons because investors believe that the Nintendo platform is at a clear technical disadvantage compared to its rivals, Sony and Microsoft, and their respective consoles.

Nintendo has always been known for being one of the most secretive companies out there, and leaks that end up becoming reality are rare. However, this outright denial regarding the long-rumored Switch 4K model sounds a bit strange under the circumstances, in the sense that if they confirmed this statement it would surely be a good boost to their stock value. Denying it in this way may mean that they have absolutely nothing prepared in the bedroom, although knowing the company’s secrecy they may also have a 4K Switch ready but that they do not want to cloud the next one. OLED model launch, which is just around the corner.

When it comes to Nintendo, it is therefore difficult to discern what is true and what is false regarding rumors and leaks, and unfortunately until they do not make the relevant official announcements we can not take anything for granted.

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