Nintendo Switch adds Twitch by surprise to the eShop

Initially shared by some users, and finally confirmed by Nintendo itself on its social networks, it seems that in a totally unexpected way, The Twitch application has begun to be available in the digital store of the Nintendo Switch, allowing full access to the broadcasts of the streaming platform owned by Amazon.

According to what has been shared, we currently have available in the American and European eShop (without news about its availability in the Asian continent) the official application completely free of charge, with a download size that will barely reach 31 MB on our console. Thus, as might be expected, this small size confirms that this application will be exclusively focused on display.

And is that the Twitch application for Nintendo Switch will not have Twitch Studio integration, so it cannot be used to natively stream our games from the portable console. Unfortunately, this process will still require a relay system from the console to the PC (usually using a capture card) and complete control of the streaming from this device.

Although in terms of the usability of the application, without a doubt the ease of switching the console from dock mode on a television to portable format, it certainly offers quite attractive versatility.

While Nintendo has never opposed further integration with Twitch, as early as 2014, former president Reggie Fils-Aime told Polygon that the company preferred sharing videos rather than just streaming the games. However, times have undoubtedly changed a lot since then, with streaming having taken on a much more important role among users.

So, although it is still too early to be able to assure anything, we would certainly love to see this complete integration of Twitch on Nintendo Switch, and see how the portable console manages to regain some of that lost prominence that it seeks to recover so much.

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