Nintendo Switch anticipates a shortage of consoles for Christmas

Just before the arrival of the big sales of the Christmas campaign, this worrisome news comes to us from Nintendo, who may not meet the estimated number of Nintendo Switch consoles for sale. This was pointed out by a recent report from Nikkei Asia, which stated that Nintendo has been forced to cut its production targets.

For its part, a Nintendo spokesperson said the company was «evaluating»The impact of the chip shortage on your business, although the statement did not go so far as to confirm any change in his forecast. However, this week Nintendo released a new document titled “Notice of changes to the financial forecast for the whole year«, In which he details a review of the company’s prospects for the rest of its fiscal year, with some changes that will begin this Christmas.

According to the document, the reason for Nintendo’s forecast change is based on «the impact of Nintendo Switch hardware production»Caused by chip shortageas well as “Nintendo Switch software sales performance.” Although honestly, as we have been seeing in recent months, the portable console enjoys a really positive popularity and number of sales, so this adjustment at least is totally absurd, so all the weight falls on the chips.

However, there are still enough models of the original Nintendo Switch, which is not too far behind with respect to the new model, being still the best-selling console of this family; as well as the Nintendo Switch Lite, with a simplified format, cheaper and easier to transport, of course, going on to give up the ability to dock the console and play games on a television.

Whichever you choose, what is clear is that if you want to make sure you have one of the consoles for Christmas, you better not leave your purchases for the last moment.

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