Nintendo Switch exceeds 2 million units sold in Spain

Used to seeing global console sales dataFinally, Nintendo today shared some local data to announce the latest milestone for its portable console. And is that the Nintendo Switch has already managed to exceed two million units sold only in our country, rising for the third consecutive year as the best-selling console console in Spain.

According to data shared by the independent consultancy GfK, the only one capable of offering console and video game sales data representing more than 90% of the video game market in Spain, the portable console would have managed to exceed two million units sold on October 24 since its launch on March 3 of 2017.

And it is that the first arrival of a small number of units of the new generation of Sony and Microsoft consoles, added to the exclusive versatility of the Nintendo Switch, has achieved that the big N has shone during the toughest months of the pandemic. And it is that beyond its portability, one of the great advantages of this console has always been the possibility of being able to continue our games in and out of the use of a television at any time, something essential during these days when leisure is keeps around the few activities within the home.

Although it is worth mentioning that these sales refer to the different editions of the console, including the original Nintendo Switch itself and the new Nintendo Switch OLED, curiously leaving out the sales of the Nintendo Switch Lite. And is that although the original console accounts for most of these units sold, in less than a month since its arrival, the OLED Switch has achieved a fairly positive reception.

Part of this success is due to the parallel arrival of Metroid Dread, which, although it caused a stir during its presentation by taking the expected role of the next installment of the main saga of the bounty hunter Samus Aran, has already managed to sell more than 30,000 copies in just a few days, becoming the game of the franchise Metroid best-selling ever in Spain, in addition to being the video game developed in Spain with the best score in history in Metacritic (at the time of writing this news).

Without a doubt, Nintendo’s portable console continues to enjoy great popularity and future, with still some rumors about the possibility of seeing a Nintendo Switch Pro in the future.

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