Nintendo Switch has already sold more than 111 million units

Nintendo Switch seems to have no limits other than those forced by the shortage of components and keep increasing your sales at a rate that the competition would already like, although of course, it has a trick: it is not the same to build a Switch, as a PS5 or an Xbox Series.

In any case, what the Japanese company takes… and never better said, because the three versions of the console that have been launched so far (the normal, the Lite and the OLED) are practically the same except for details (here the OLED is the most prominent), which means an increasing margin of profit from the sale of hardware, even if the problem with the components has complicated it somewhat.

Even so, Nintendo Switch continues to be sold without any setbacks other than the aforementioned shortage of components and closes July marking a special figure, that of more than 111 million units sold, including the three versions of the console in the amount. In total, there have been about 3.43 million units sold this quarter: 1.52 million of the OLED version, 1.32 million of the normal version and 0.59 million of the Lite version.

It was at the end of last quarter that we learned that the Nintendo Switch had surpassed the Wii in sales, ranking as the fourth best-selling console in history. It remains to beat PlayStation 4, for which updated data is missing, 118 million units sold worldwide of its different versions were recorded by the same dates. It is assumed that he will get it.

Mario number one!

What is not so clear is not whether it will exceed, but whether it will come close to the numbers of the two best-selling video game consoles of all time, Nintendo DS and PlayStation 2, and their 154 and 155 million units sold, respectively. Opportunity, of course, they will have it, and according to the Japanese firm, Nintendo Switch would have completed half a life cycle… And it was launched in 2017!

The official position must be taken with tweezers, obviously; what interests them is to continue selling what they have until they have the next thing ready. In addition, if the life cycle is true, Nintendo Switch would last until 2027 and it does not seem likely that the invention will last that long without a successor appearing first. In that sense, I agree that something should be seen around 2024-2025.

Beyond the hardware, Nintendo Switch celebrates game sales figures that are not bad at all, with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (46.82 million), Animal Crossing: New Horizons (39.38 million) and Super Smash Bros Ultimate (28.82 million) as the best sellers of the console in the historical tour… and they are all of nintendo. Round business for Kyoto.

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