Nintendo Switch OLED is 4K ready, but why not use it?

A famous YouTuber has been able to get hold of one of the new finished review units of the version that will go on sale the day after tomorrow, which is colloquially known as Nintendo Switch OLED. Although there are not too many changes in the console, the hardware of it is surprising and leaves a very interesting scenario for the nearest future.

Nintendo Switch OLED, minor changes but prepared

Rumors have come and gone, they will continue to do so and it is normal in this industry, but today we are talking about something tangible and solid. The console disassembly video revolves around a key section that does not have to do with the console itself, but with the charging base. And it is that this base has been updated with a new chip and HDMI port that will allow the new Nintendo Switch OLED to handle resolutions up to 4K already 60 FPS.

The funny thing about all this is that internally the console has not modified its resolution either in portable mode or in base mode, so this update had gone unnoticed in the main leakers, at least in part. And this has been so because the rumors that the console could handle this resolution and Hz without problems have been there for months, and it is not that they have no basis (especially as a result of what we are seeing) but that it simply was not well focused.

Nintendo would prepare a totally renewed version: Switch Pro? or Switch 2?

Obviously we do not know the name that this console is going to have, but we can say with a certain degree of security that NVIDIA and Nintendo are working on a new SoC with a kind of DLSS according to what we have seen in recent weeks. After the discovery of this port HDMI 2.0 and Bloomberg internal reports with at least 11 companies developing games with a development kit for 4K, we are on the way to meet the revolutionary new console that will have to face the entire horde of handheld gaming devices to come. with Steam Deck at the helm.

Meanwhile, Nintendo dodges the bullets, at least until the October 8th and it only talks about Switch OLED as such:

The new OLED model of the Nintendo Switch is a great option for gamers who want to experience the new screen, both when playing in handheld mode and when playing in tabletop mode. With the addition of this new model to the Nintendo Switch family of systems, people have the additional option of choosing the system that best suits the gaming experience they want, be it the OLED model of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch or Nintendo. Switch Lite.

Logically and knowing Nintendo we could not wait for another statement that was not this, so we have to be patient to see what the Japanese will bring us, where in any case it looks really good and can be a double blow to the market of PS5, Xbox Series X and that of portable consoles, each in its respective niche.

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