Nintendo Switch: playing Mario Kart Live with a Power Glove, here is this Youtuber’s crazy idea

The Power Glove is one of those cult video game accessories of the 80s. And thanks to the YouTube channel Will it Work, the Power Glove gets a second youth by becoming an “unofficial” controller for the Nintendo Switch.

Credits: Nintendo

On YouTube, hack videos abound. The opportunity to attend somewhat eccentric experiences, like this port of the first Tomb Raider on GameBoy Advance or even this GameBoy transformed into a streaming platform to watch Star Wars.

The older ones among you probably know the Power Glovean accessory for the NES launched on Christmas 1989. This glove is one of the Nintendo’s first forays into motion recognition, many years before the Wii and the Wiimote. Indeed, the accessory was accompanied by three sensors, to be placed on the upper right and left corners and the lower right corner of the screen.

The Power Glove, Nintendo’s first attempt at motion recognition

Unfortunately, the career of the Power Glove ended in a bitter commercial failure, the fault of too few compatible games and recurring technical problems. Indeed, in the vast majority of games, controls would respond poorly (due to signal latency) when some commands weren’t even recognized. As a result, players quickly realized that it was easier to play with the wired NES controller.

But like all the failures of the 80s and 90s, the Power Glove has become cult over the years. And precisely, the YouTube channel Will it Workspecializing in DIY, has decided to give a second life to the accessory.

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Use the Power Glove on Switch? Deal !

His goal ? Using the Power Glove to play Mario Kart Live, the augmented reality racing game launched on Nintendo Switch in 2020. To do this, Niles Mitchell first purchased a USB NES RetroPort V2. This device connects the Power Glove to a PC.

Then he dug up a Titan One 2 Console Tuner dongle to connect the Power Glove to the Nintendo Switch, and especially to reprogram the controls of the glove. To continue, he cobbled together a wooden frame to affix the three sensors near the TV.

After setting up the signal on the Switch, it turns out the Power Glove works like a charm. Well, we let you imagine that you will have to show good physical endurance over long gaming sessions, since you will have to keep your arm straight. But anyway, it’s nice to see the Power Glove rising from the ashes!

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