Nintendo Switch surpasses PS4 and becomes the best-selling console of its generation

It’s been almost six years since the Nintendo Switch hit the market, and it’s clear that said console it has been a real success. The sales rate that it was able to maintain during its first years of life generated a lot of commotion, and made us think that in the end it would only be a matter of time until it became the best-selling console of its generation, a forecast that finally it has been fulfilled.

Nintendo Switch has surpassed in total sales, since its arrival on the market, PS4, a console that hit the market at the end of 2012, that is, that He played with more than four years of advantage. According to the latest quarterly results of the big N, sales of Nintendo Switch in the third quarter of the fiscal year amounted to a total of 8.23 ​​million units, which would leave us with total sales of 122.55 million consoles since its release. PS4 has been sold 117.2 million units.

Nintendo’s hybrid console has become the best-selling system of its generationsince by hardware configuration, and by release date, it is located in the field of PS4 and Xbox One, although as we have already told you on other occasions it is less powerful than both, and by a considerable margin.

Nintendo Switch beats PS4

Neither the power nor the absence of sagas like Call of Duty have affected Nintendo Switch

And this is a significant blow to Sony, who came to say at the time that Microsoft wanted to ignore it and turn it into Nintendo so that it cannot compete with Xbox, in reference to the interest of the Redmond giant to buy Activision. This comment was very ugly on the part of Sony, and that makes Nintendo’s fist on the table sound all the more powerful.

It was Sony that dismissed Nintendo with that comment, and the second has put it in its place with a Nintendo Switch that, despite being less powerful and not having the (according to Sony) essential Call of Duty has overwhelmed Xbox One in sales and has surpassed PS4. In the end, it is clear that a single franchise is not going to work miracles, and that the hybrid game concept, together with exclusive Nintendo franchiseshave had much more weight than a game that is practically repeated year after year.

Nintendo Switch continues to sell at a good pace, but it is clear that it is already is in the final phase of its life cycleand that it is only a matter of time until the big N launches a Nintendo Switch 2 on the market. However, keep two things in mind: the first is that said console will not arrive until 2024 at the earliest, and the second is that this will not mean the direct abandonment of Nintendo Switch, since it is most likely that both will coexist for a while.

If you want my opinion on what that Nintendo Switch 2 might look like, I think the Japanese company is not going to riskand that in the end what it is going to present is a new console with the same hybrid approach as the original, but with improvements in terms of design, construction quality and obviously with more power.

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